The January Struggle To Stick With New Year’s Resolutions

When January 1 rolls around, I get a little excited because I’m always thinking, “This could be the year!” I don’t even exactly know what it would be “the year” for, but hey, it could be it! What I mean is that at the start of a new year, I’m super optimistic and often set out with the best of intentions to stick with my New Year’s resolutions so that I feel happier and healthier.

However, as the days keep going by, that optimism often tends to experience a gradual decline. Actually, maybe I should call it a sharp decline, because by the end of January, my motivation for sticking with those New Year’s resolutions is more or less zapped. Here is how January tends to go down.

January 1: This is going to be the best year ever!!!! I am going to exercise every day! And eat more vegetables! And keep a day planner! And write that novel! Hey, there’s no such thing as too many resolutions! Look out, 2013!

January 3: Look at this shiny planner that I bought! I’m going to be so organized compared to everyone else.

January 6: Wow, this kale tastes so good! I could literally eat it for every meal. Keeping my New Year’s resolution to eat healthy is going to be a breeze. Go, me!

January 8: I’m doing so well with my resolutions, that I decide that my friends probably want my advice, so I start offering it before they even ask.

Fine, don’t take my advice, friends. I’ll just start sharing the news of my success on Facebook so more grateful Internet followers can share in my wisdom.

January 12: I sit down to start writing my great novel, but I have a little writer’s block. I’ve been so good though with all of my other resolutions, I decide that I should just have a teeny tiny reward.

2 hours later… The whole box of cookies is gone. Whoops. It’s okay, just a slip-up. Not gonna sweat it.

January 15: Went on a run today to stick with my commitment to more regular exercise. Okay, so it was supposed to be a 5 mile run, but I cut it down to one so I could get home to watch TV. But hey, I still exercised! It counts for something.

January 18: Ughhhh, there isn’t enough space in this planner to write down all of my homework. How am I supposed to stick with my resolutions when the whole world is against me?!

January 22: Ugh, kale for dinner AGAIN?!

January 25: Wow, I just realize I haven’t exercised in a week. Uh oh — seem to have forgot that resolution along the way.

January 27: Wait, what were my resolutions again… I know I wrote them down somewhere. Oh, in that planner! Which I can’t seem to find… This is not good.


January 31: I think I’ve been defeated by my resolutions.

February 4: So I’ve taken a few days to think about how January went. You know, I may not have a planner or always eat the required servings of vegetables each day or run for fun or be a published author, but I got through 2012 just fine, and I like this version of me. 2013 is going to be fine, whether I’m a resolutions all-star or not. And you know what? If I REALLY want to try again, there’s always 2014.

Are you good about sticking to your New Year’s resolutions? Do you have any advice for what to do if you start getting off-track from your new year goals? Tell us in the comments. 


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  • Beth

    I was going on a diet but then I went shoping and got a size 6 top so I decided to put the diet on hold for a while!!!