7 Things We Wish Were Part Of A Gyno Visit

Necessary, but kind of unpleasant appointments are a fact of life. Good Morning America featured a segment just last week about a Florida-based dentist who was doing something to make a visit to her a little less stressful. Not only does Dr. April Patterson provide the usual services of a dentist, but Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique also offers spa services! Ummm, sign us up!

Dr. Patterson told ABC News that millions of people have “dental anxiety,” and she’s created an environment that doesn’t feel like a typical dentist office. It all sounds like a stellar way to try to make these appointments more relaxing and comfortable for the many of us who are scared of the dentist.

That sounds like an awesome 2-for-1 trip, right? Now, if only all of the kind of stressful appointments in our life had the opportunity for us to take advantage of fun extra perks! For example, going to the gynecologist can sometimes leave you a little nervous, so we’ve dreamed up seven extra perks we’d like them to adopt to make a trip there more enjoyable.

What other sometimes stressful appointments would you make better with fun perks? Tell us in the comments!

The Complete Guide To Going To The Gyno

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