Anonymous Hackers Expose Rapists–But Is It Harmful To Rape Victims?

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Hackers group Anonymous exposed a video of alleged rapists–but is it hurting the rape victim, too? | Source: ShutterStock

You’ve probably heard of the hacker group Anonymous. They’re a group of hackers who say they hack in the name of good. They’re kind of everywhere, they’re pretty intimidating, and they often, despite their reputation, have pretty decent intentions. They recently exposed a group of gang rapists from Big Red High School in Steubenville, Ohio who drugged and raped a 16-year-old girl from a neighboring town.

The Anonymous hackers leaked a video of the “Big Red Rapistsbragging, laughing, and joking about the brutalities they inflicted on this girl. I’m not going to post the video because it’s seriously one of the most disturbing, unsettling, sickening, and downright horrifying things I’ve ever seen. The reason that hackers Anonymous and their subgroups released the clip is because despite the girl being assaulted and drugged by multiple people, only two were charged. Some people think that because many of the rapists were on the Big Red High School football team–a big deal in the Ohio Valley area–that the town has been covering up for their high school “heroes.” So you figure, these guys pretty much deserve what they’re getting, right?

Here’s where it gets a little messy, though. While Anonymous hackers released not only a video of the alleged rapists–who also reportedly tweeted about the rapes–they also released the addresses, phone numbers, and personal information of the accused rapists and their families.

While there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that everyone involved with this horrific crime needs to be brought to justice and punished to the fullest extent of the law, I’m not entirely sure this is the best way to do it. Anonymous said that they’d release the information if the rapists in the video and accused of being parties to the rape didn’t issue apologies to the victim, who will likely be scarred for life. But it may be pretty dangerous for the victim herself for Anonymous to launch a cyber attack on her attackers.

Let’s be real: The rape victim is likely incredibly traumatized by whatever it is went down, and rightfully so. But having everything drudged up in the media probably isn’t making her feel any better. I think it’s commendable and wonderful that she has so many people on her side, and I love that people are so passionate about bringing her some form of closure and relief in the matter–but this form of vigilante justice is likely not what she really needs right now.

There’s also the issue that, even with gross videos like this, at the end of the day, people are still innocent until they’re proven guilty. The appropriate move may have been to send this video to the authorities, not post it online for the entire world. And releasing the home addresses of these monsters is a little unfair to their families, who most likely didn’t know anything about the incident until the rest of the world did–and who, chances are, had nothing to do with it.

You can watch the video here at your own risk (it’s seriously horrifying) and learn more about the case here. These guys absolutely need to be brought to justice–but there has got to be a better, more fair way to do it.

Do you think the Anonymous hackers are doing the right thing by exposing the alleged rapists? Do you think the town is covering up the rape case because the alleged rapists are on the football team? Tell us in the comments.

These guys aren’t the only ones who think rape is okay. Scary stuff.

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  • L Cohen

    I was raped 35 years ago and still suffer from disassociation, flashbacks and will probably be on medication my whole life. I applaude this group for bringing people to justice. We have PETA for animals. I want to join a group that is outspoke even militant against rape. No one, male or female should have to go through this. It haunts you your whole life.


    My daughter was also raped on November 21,2013 . It also was on a vieo and placed on line visa facebook timeline and snapchat . The police with held evidence from the grand jury ,THE DNA from her jeans was never sent to a lab and WV state police are claiming they could not retrieve any of the video’s or tweets . Plus the rape report sat on the local police desk while he went on vacation . NO JUSTICE the grand jury was not given any proof to back my daughter . She is in college and I can not believe this stuff is still going on . These Beta’s have been making sex video’s of our daughters for a long time and it needs to STOP .

  • Caught em

    So glad anon. helped bring these nasty young men to justice. To the victim my heart goes out to you! They will live with this forever and never have the opportunity to do this sick twisted game to anyone else, cause everyone knows now what they really are. To the Victim- there will be much healing time needed to move on from this but it is not impossible and maybe you can help other victims (as there are many out there). God Bless You, I will pray for you!

  • Raven

    lol. This is the most fair way to do it possible. These people HAVE been proven guilty – um, hello, I thought you watched the video? The involvement of a court, of course, ill make it possible for them to not go to jail, so it’s a good thing their phone numbers ere posted so people can hack, harass, and kill them if they want, in case the prevent-guilty people are not sent to jail!

    Unlike the inherently flaw-full court system, who’s main business is putting as many innocent people into torture chambers as possible, this is actually a decent way to do things which punishes only criminals and actually punishes the criminals!

  • Heather

    I think the hackers were justified in there actions. They provided much needed evidence to bring those people involved to justice. The phone numbers and name of family members…nice touch. Awesome! The phone numbers gives a way for law enforcement to get a hold of these jerks. By providing the names of family members they also help to keep inocent people with similar sounding names from being confused as the perps.
    Had they not posted it on the internet for all to see it could have been easily swept under the carpet. Lets face it people. With all the support these creeps were getting it was definately getting swept under the rug.

  • Colin Avey

    Does it harm the girl? No that’s already been done y the dirty rapist scum of course articles like this that in my mind are slanted towards the rapist Is typical of the courts way back in my youth if a girl/women was raped the prosecution and the judges were all to quick t blame victim on the grounds she was wearing to much lipstick or the wrong perfume.

  • Tanya

    They deserve it! Anon are doing everything right in my opinion. They deserve to be shamed.

  • Amber

    I cried at the video. My heart goes out to the poor girl who suffered at the hands of these low life’s. I will keep her in my prayers.

  • Maddie

    I found and watched the video and I can’t even begin to describe how horrified I am to see that this happened to this poor girl. These guys obviously have no respect for the living or the dead. They should be prosecuted for what they have done.