8 Things Your Boyfriend Should Never Blame You For

When Taylor Swift started dating Harry Styles, you could sense the Internet panic that somehow she was going to be the undoing of One Direction. Not only do I think it’s highly unlikely that One Direction is going to split up (if anything, they are really just getting started!), but even in the case that they did part ways at some point, to put the blame all on one member’s girlfriend just isn’t fair at all.

If your boyfriend is constantly blaming you for things, it could be that you are in an emotionally abusive relationship and we urge you to seek out help because you deserve so much better than that situation. Sometimes though, even the best of boyfriends mess up and take the blame out on girlfriends for things that aren’t their fault at all — but that’s still not okay. Here are eight everyday things that your boyfriend shouldn’t blame you for happening.

Has a boyfriend ever blamed you for something that was totally not your fault? How did you handle it? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Charlotte

    My partner blames me for just about everything, or if it’s not me it’s his exe’s or someone else. He blames me for lost keys, missing tools, things he has thrown away and forgotten about, clothes he disposed of two years ago because they were never worn, he sats it was me who went though his drawers etc when he was at work and threw them away.
    Arguments are my fault. He says if i didn’t think so much about what he says we would be fine, meaning he can say some awful things that he proposes are funny, e humiliates me in front of people and says he didn’t mean anything by it and then blames me for being too sensitive.
    Can’t win with him, unless i leave and become homeless, what other choices do i have?

    • Darlene G

      Him in same boat as u either I STAY n take bs or

  • MonsterUnicorn

    hmmm… soo true!!!

  • Olamide

    It doesnt mean anything. I mean a guy dont need to stay off his gurl while she’s in period