Got An Unwanted Gift? Here’s What To Do Before You Trash It


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So you got through the holidays and the opening all those presents like a champ! But now it’s January and you still have a bag sitting in the corner of your room full of gifts you graciously received, but you really can’t find any use for in your life.

A poll of women in the UK was conducted by BlanX (a teeth-whitening brand), and they found that on average, British women will toss out an average of £26 pounds (which is a bit more than $42) worth of cosmetics products that they received as holiday gifts. That’s a whole lot of waste! We get it, though. What else are you going to do with a gift you can’t ever see yourself using? Well, that’s why we cooked up some super helpful options to keep your unwanted gift from heading to the landfill straightaway. You’re welcome!

Depending on who gave it to you, it may be totally fine to ask about exchanging it. If you’re close with them, it may in fact be better to speak up, as they probably want their gift to be something you’ll actually use anyway. However, if you’re not really close with the gift-giver, it could come off kind of rude to request a switch. In these cases, it’s wasteful to just trash it, but it also doesn’t do you any good for it to just take up space in your closet.

One idea is to do re-gifting party or do a gift swap among your friends. Obviously, don’t re-gift to the original gift-giver (that probably won’t go over well), but I can bet your friends got something that they kind of wish they could trade in. As the saying goes, “One person’s trash, is another person’s treasure” and who knows – maybe one of them has your treasure gift! The worst thing that could happen is you end up with a gift you don’t want, and well, then you’re just back where you started anyway! Plus, making a day about gifts in January could help perk you up from a post-holiday slump.

Donating is another good idea to at least let their be the hope that the gift can find a new life. See what local organizations may be collecting goods like yours, and make a trip to drop off that unwanted gift and hope it’ll find a new home for someone who wants or needs it.

I totally understand getting annoyed at those unwanted gifts crowding up your room, but if there’s any way the gift can go to good use rather than straight into the garbage, I think that’s probably the best plan. Still, fingers crossed for no unwanted gifts next holiday though!

Have you ever gotten an unwanted gift? What did you do with it? Have you ever done a gift swap with a friend? Did you end up with something you actually wanted? Tell us in the comments. 


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