Lady Gaga Bringing Mental Health Awareness To Born This Way Ball Tour

Lady Gaga is promoting mental health awareness with her Born Brave Bus on her Born This Way Ball tour.

Lady Gaga is promoting mental health awareness with her Born Brave Bus on her Born This Way Ball tour. | Source: WENN

It’s no secret that we’ve been pretty hard on Lady Gaga, because it seems like almost every single thing she does is calculated and attention-hungry. But we have to hand it to her–promoting mental health awareness on her Born This Way Ball tour is pretty freakin’ awesome, and we sort of love her for it.

Lady Gaga and her Born This Way Foundation teamed up with the National Council for Behavioral Health to set up mental health awareness booths at her concerts. Gaga announced the collaboration shortly after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, in hopes of preventing more horrific incidents like it.

The project will let Lady Gaga’s beloved “Little Monsters” meet up with psychologists, as well as each other, to discuss any problems or issues they may have.

Gaga’s mama, Cynthia Germanotta, released a statement about the Born This Way Ball’s mental health initiative, which they dubbed the Born Brave Bus. (Cute, right?)

“Now more than ever, our kids need access to support within their communities, including mental health services,” Mama Gaga said. “By connecting youth to these local resources, we hope to plant the seeds that will help them deal with today’s challenges and inspire them to continue exercising their strength and bravery well after the Born Brave Bus leaves town.”

Lady Gaga herself explained the Born Brave Bus further via Twitter:




We love that Lady Gaga is drawing awareness and attention to mental health, because a lot of people are embarrassed by how they feel and are too ashamed to admit that they want or need help. There should be nothing embarrassing about taking steps to make sure you’re healthy inside and out. Talking to a psychologist doesn’t mean you’re crazy or evil or weird or bad. It means you’re actually pretty sane, self-aware, and smart. You–and Lady Gaga–should be applauded for taking measures to make sure you feel as healthy, clear, and happy as you can.

We hope more artists follow Lady Gaga’s lead, because your mental health is just as important as your physical well-being. If everyone comes together to understand and examine their own psyches, maybe the mental health, mental illness, and “head shrinking” stigmas can finally be erased–so we can all embrace, not embarrass, one another for taking care of ourselves.

Do you think Lady Gaga promoting mental health awareness on her Born This Way Ball tour will help with the stigma? Are you going to see Lady Gaga on her Born This Way Ball tour? How do you think artists can promote mental health awareness? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Olivia

    I can’t believe you guys thought that Gaga was attention seeking. She and her mother have created such a great foundation for inspire young youth. Her whole message is about loving yourself and accepting who you are. She even created the body revolution which is all about respecting and loving your body. Yes, she does wear outrageous clothing but that is just a part of who she is. She was born this way. Just like we all were.