How Can I Prevent Ingrown Hairs Down There?

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Recently I’ve started shaving down there. I like shaving better than keeping things natural and want to keep doing it. But the only really annoying thing is that I keep getting ingrown hairs down there. How can I stop them from popping up after shaving my pubic hair?

Ouch. I’m sure we’ve all felt your pain at some point, girl. Ingrown hairs are super annoying, but fortunately there are a few ways that you can try preventing them.

Shaving is the main cause of ingrown hairs, so the best possible way to prevent them from coming would be to stop shaving altogether. It’s totally understandable if that’s not an option – however, if it’s possible for you to start getting waxed down there rather than shaving yourself, you may want to try that. Although waxing still leaves room for ingrown hairs, it isn’t as bad as shaving as is.

If you’d like to keep shaving it yourself, there are a few easy ways to help prevent these pesky little hairs. Make sure you’re changing your razor blade on a regular basis. Dull blades can not only cause ingrown hair, but they’re also more painful in general.  Be sure you’re moisturizing your down there area before you shave. The best time to shave is when you’re in the shower or right after a hot shower, when the skin is softer and the hair is easier to pull out. Use a moisturizing shaving cream instead of a bar of soap.

Also make sure that when you shave, you’re shaving in the direction that the hair grows. Don’t just shave in every direction possible. Also, don’t shave over one section too many times. If none of that helps, maybe try an alternate way of removing hair.

If you do get a super painful ingrown hair, try using some of these products to soothe it. Mainly, you just need to be careful about how you’re shaving. Take your time and go slowly.

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I shaved down there and now it’s all bumpy. WTF?!

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  • Becca

    Shaving gel helps, I’ve used the one for dry skin (so it has more moisturizer) and I’ve seen less in grown hairs from just using a little.

  • Twig

    I shave down there too and I do what everyone says to do and shave in the diretion the hair grows. But then I never get all the hair. I can still see little black dots. What do I do about that?

  • SmoothShave

    Try this shaver it was designed for shaving down there.
    Those who have used it, swear by it, no more bumps, nicks
    less ingrown hairs, and smooth longer!

  • sarah

    Aloe vera is excellent for soothing irritation!