I Can’t Believe She Said That

You know how sometimes you meeting one of your best friend’s new friends and they’re just kinda yuck? Yeah, well, that totally happened to me. Here’s the story.

There are three of us in the best friendship. So, my friend Jen and I went to visit our other friend Melissa, who just moved away. (By the way, all names have been changed to protect the innocent…and even the not so innocent.) Melissa introduced us to her new friend, Val.

At first, Val was really excited to meet us and we were pumped to meet her. And then she was like, “Are you two dating anyone?”

And Jen and I weren’t dating anyone at the time, so we both said no.

Then Val said, “Oh, I know what it’s like for you two. I used to be 80 pounds overweight.”

Um, WHAT? We just said we were single, nothing about our bodies. And we’re not 80 pounds overweight. If you add us together, we’re not 80 pounds overweight!

Even though we both know what our bodies look like, it’s hard not to take a fat comment to heart. Jen and I were shocked and bummed.

We spent the rest of the weekend trying to avoid Val and focused on keeping the girls trip to just the three of us.

Have you ever gotten a totally off the wall body comment like that? Did you handle it any better than Jen and I did? Tell me about it in the comments!


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  • basschick

    woooow…. what total b**ch….

  • Blahblah

    OMG! That is so mean! I just don’t understand why people feel the need to say that stuff. Especially when you have just met them.

  • Cynthia

    What on Earth….that lady must have been outright ridiculous and rude. What kind of woman makes that kind of first impression on other people. Steering clear of her was the best thing to do. She should learn basic conversation skills before she meets anyone new -_-