Reader Hookup Confession: My Brother (And Monsters) Ruined My Hookup

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My parents went away on a business trip and my little brother was supposed to be sleeping over at my grandparents house. My older sister and I were the only ones home, so we decided to invite a bunch of people over. Once my sister’s boyfriend showed up, they disappeared to her room to hook up.

After a while, my boyfriend and I went upstairs to my room. We started hooking up and were both naked in the middle of stuff when I noticed my door was open… and my little brother was standing there watching us! I put a pillow over my boyfriend’s head so that my brother didn’t see him. Since were under so many blankets, my brother couldn’t tell we were naked.

I told him to go away, but he said he kept heading noises coming from my sisters room. I told him I didn’t know what it was and that he needed to go to sleep. He told me he couldn’t because “monsters” were making noise. So I told him to go to the guest room.

Thankfully he fell asleep in there. But I felt so guilty that I had to kick everyone out – even my boyfriend. It’s pretty typical for my brother to ruin everything.

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  • Person who submitted this

    For all the people hating on me he was 10 at the time and my grandparents house was around the block so he walked home when he wasn’t supposed. So shut up. They edited this to make me look like a bitch. I’m actually a really good sister.

  • Dani

    haha my little brother comes into situations at the wrong time too its so annoying at the time but later when you think about it its funny

  • lauren

    WOW you are so selfish and an awful sister, end of. hope that your parents grounded you for life

  • Alien X

    lol. i dont mean to be mean or anything, but whoa ur little brother doesnt know what he just did didnt he? they can sometimes invade ur privacy alot. for example i once accidently left my homework to the last minute and. had to do it late at night but e came up all of a sudden and he said can u plz give me a book to read, right before i figured out one of the answers which took me like forever, ad i forgot it so i was like yes u can. he always keeps doing wthis but hey, what do u think u were doing when u were little to ur older si ling or parent? doong the same thung so u cant rea
    ly blame him but the oas was the ast and u nly have to focus on the future.

  • Lauren

    Don’t blame your poor little brother. Just have sex with your boyfriend at his house.

  • DaynaMarie

    I agree that the brother should not be blamed. He was a scared child.

    Also, I am very confused as to how you had no idea he was in the house. I would think you would have noticed that he never left of was brought back.

  • PinkJinx

    Can you just tell me how it’s your little brothers fault? He was woken up by your sister and her bf going on too loudly and thought it was monsters….I mean he is a little kid….so why blame him for not knowing what was going on?