It’s A Beauty Emergency! How To Avoid Looking Like A Zombie On New Year’s Eve

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Girlfriend could use some color, stat! | Source: Shutterstock

Let’s face it, the holidays have been flat-out exhausting–right? All those Christmas cookies and chocolates keep you awake at night (even when you don’t have a super fun party to go to), plus, when you don’t have school the next day, why not stay up until 3 am watching Fashion Police?!

The downside to all of this fun is that a lot of us kind of look like zombies come New Year’s Eve–which is a night that we’re all supposed to shine and look super gorgeous! So, how to revive your sad, zombie face super fast before that New Year’s Eve party? It’s so easy, and you already have the perfect beauty solution in your handbag.

Take a pink, peach, or ruby colored lipstick, and lightly dab it on the apples of your cheeks once or twice. Rub it in with your fingers, pushing it up toward your ears at a bit of a diagonal. Blend any weird edges so the color looks more natural and . . . voila! You’ve got color in your cheeks (goodbye zombie pallor!) and are ready to party like it’s 2013! Of course regular blush works, too, but I love multitasking beauty products, don’t you?

Have you ever used lipstick as blush? Tell us your favorite beauty tips in the comments!

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  • bettylovesyou

    elf has a general colorstick that works as blush, lipstick and eyeshadow, i just love it when you’ve had a bad day and your face shows it.

  • Niecy

    ooh i use a lip stain for blush. not only is it not greasy or shiny, but it is dark enough for my dark cocoa skin and stays as long as i want. i would highly recommend it.

  • Victoria

    This is an amazing tip! I also use white eyeshadow as highlighter or matte brown shadow as contour/bronzer. If you dab white eyeshadow on your inner eye/ browbone you’ll immediatley see a difference!