10 Celebs And Their (Totally Cute) Dog Twins

Sometimes when I see a person and their dog, it’s crazy to me just how perfectly matched they are. Looks definitely play a part in it, but personality is usually there too. For example, my mom and my dog make total sense together. They both have fluffy blonde hair and do the same kind of eye roll, but they also have kind of the same friendly, silly personality.

Since I am a little obsessed with dogs, when I meet new people I tend to make an internal note about what kind of dog I’d match with them. I have now gone ahead and decided on some dog twins for some of our favorite celebs. Now, it’s not to say that I think these celebrities look like “dogs” in any sort of mean way (not at all!), but if they were looking for an ideal dog companion (or I guess if they for some reason had to take on a dog form?) this seems to me like what they’d go for based on what I perceive as their appearance and personality similarities.

Emma Stone and This Poodle


Sources: Michael Wright/WENN.com & (inset) Shutterstock.com

Emma’s blonde waves are so cute and this poodle has that fluffy blonde look down, as well. They both just seem super chill and cool to relax and hang out (invite me, please?).
Rihanna and This Doberman Pinscher

Sources L-R: WENN.com & Shutterstock.com

When I think of Rihanna, I think of super confidence and the ability to capture people’s attention, and this statuesque Doberman seems to have that down too. Plus, I think they both complement each other here with their sleek hair looks and their shared love for bold, colorful sunglasses.
Harry Styles and This Golden Doodle

Sources: Anthony Stanley/WENN.com & Shutterstock.com

Harry’s curly hair is pretty adorable, and perhaps he could get even cuter with this curly mop of a dog by his side. Not only do they have matching hair styles, but they both look like they could go in for a kiss any second.
Jennifer Lawrence and This Shetland Sheepdog

Sources L-R: Shutterstock.com & WENN.com

I think JL’s low-maintenance vibe, with her wavy hair and flowing skirt, matches the carefree (but still fabulous looking) grooming of this long-haired sheltie. They both seem really laid back, comfy and just ready for fun.
Emma Watson and This Yorkshire Terrier

Sources L-R: Shutterstock.com & Ian Wilson/WENN.com

Both of them have the big brown eyes and closed mouth smile down in these pictures. Plus, they’re both just so adorable. I could see the two of them curling up on the couch together and reading a book.
Johnny Depp and This Boxer Mix

Sources L-R: Shutterstock.com & WENN.com

This boxer mix has Johnny’s cool vibe here all nailed down, from the throwback hat to that not-quite-a-smile look that makes us wonder just what is going on in his head at this moment.
Anne Hathaway and This Labrador Retriever

Sources L-R: Will Alexander/WENN.com and Shutterstock.com

Anne looks sharp with her round glasses and scarf, and this yellow lab is there to match her with complementing intellectual style and similar “deep in thought” look. Plus, labs are just friendly, balls of energy, which is basically how I think of Anne.
Lady Gaga and This Bichon Frise

Sources L-R: WENN.com & Shutterstock.com

I could really see this little Bichon Frise – decked out in a little matching tux bow tie — fitting right into Gaga’s headpiece here that matches his fluffy white fur. Since the little guy got dressed up here, I’m willing to bet he’d be game to dress up to match Gaga’s other ensembles, too.
Kristen Stewart and These Daschund Puppies

Sources: Patrick Hoffmann/WENN.com & (inset) Shutterstock.com

Kristen is rocking that gold dress, and these puppies share her same pretty dark hair and seem to have a love of sparkly gold too. These little puppies kind of hiding away in the decorations make me think of Kristen’s kind of quiet persona, so maybe the three of them could enjoy their breaks from the spotlight together.
Kesha and This Poodle

Sources L-R: WENN.com & Shutterstock.com

This poodle has major rock-star style, just like Kesha does. The pair seems to be on the same page when it comes to their look, from the mohawk to the necklace bling, and Kesha has certainly rocked daring and vibrant colors in her day. I think they’d have a super fun, rocking time together.

What do you think of my celebrity-dog match-ups? Can you think of obvious ones that I missed? What would you say is your animal twin? Tell us in the comments!

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