Nobody To Kiss On New Year’s Eve? No Problem!

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Going solo on New Year’s is so not a big deal! | Source: Shutterstock

There you are in the cutest dress you own, rockin a 2013 tiara and waiting for the big moment at the New Year’s Eve party–except, you’re the only one there with nobody to kiss at midnight.

I’ve so been there, girl, and the truth is, it’s not nearly as bad as you think. First of all, if you think everyone’s going to notice that you’re alone and think you’re a loser, they won’t. They’re too busy doing their own thing/wondering if they have bad breath/dreading kissing that weird guy they brought to the party. Trust me that there are people in worse situations than you at that party, no matter what! The only way people will think you’re a loser is if you complain and whine about not having a date to kiss. Resist the urge to hide in the bathroom or cry in public. That, my friend, is lame behavior, so just don’t do it.

So, what can you do to get through those awkward, smoocharific 30 seconds after the ball drops? Obviously, you can keep in mind that it really is only 30 seconds (or probably even less!)–it’s not like you’re left out of an hour and a half of activities, girl! Then, if you really think it’s going to be uncomfortable for you (or even painful, if you’ve had a recent breakup), find something else to be doing right at that moment. Volunteer to be the deejay or get a funny noiseblower to blow out at midnight. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something that you think is fun and that you’ll love remembering when you look back on this night. New Year’s is about having fun and starting fresh. For single girls, that can be the most inspiring thing of all.

Do you think you’ll get a New Year’s Eve kiss this year? Do you think there’s too much pressure put on kissing someone at midnight? Tell us in the comments!

What’s The Most Fun Kind Of New Year’s Eve?!

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  • TrendyNerdLuvMB

    Nope not really…I never really thought much about having a boyfriend lately….it doesn’t kill me… plus I definitely agree to your theory, if you have no one to kiss don’t act dramatic about it because its no biggie! Its just a kiss and also your not the ONLY one in the area who doesn’t have anyone to kiss and even if you do so what? Think about how good and freeing it is to be single because you don’t need to mingle…(LoL that was R@nDoM:)) So, just give a big care about the good and fun times and cherish the moments you have with the last minutes of 2012 and give a no care about some guy and a kiss….

    -Just Preaching! (AMEN!)