He Cheated – Should I Forgive Him?

he cheated

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theonlyone said:

Recently I snooped through my boyfriend’s Facebook while he was at work. And I didn’t like what I found. There were messages between him and some girl in September. We’ve been together for nine months. I found them in the beginning of December. He was flirting with her and they exchanged nude pictures. I confronted him about it and he admitted that she was an ex. He said he was sorry and he ended it back in October. He admitted he was jealous that I had guy friends and thought that I would be bored of him eventually. I’m very affectionate and 100% faithful to him. I want to make things work but I can’t help thinking I should leave. I don’t know what to do… Help.

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  • Marie

    I think you should do a little break.
    Give you too a little time to breath but more importantly if you love him enough to forgive him and it will help him understand that what he did really hurted you, if he loves you he will make efforts to keep you.

    • babyface

      please forgive him

    • KillaKiss

      i agree!