You Don’t Need To Go On A Diet… You Just Need To Chew A Lot

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. In fact, the goal to lose weight isn’t only popular during the beginning of a new year – it’s something people are constantly talking about. It seems like everyone is always scrambling to find the newest and fastest solution way to drop a few pounds. But here’s the thing: dieting is hard.

So if you’ve ever found yourself in that situation, we’ve got a tip you’re probably going to love. You don’t need to go on a serious diet – you just need to start chewing your food for longer! Previous studies have found that chewing your food for 30 seconds or longer helps you eat less and get full faster, and now new research has come out that says that chewing your food for 30 seconds helps curb your appetite later in the day. Basically, it means you’ll be snacking less.

Think about it: do you ever put any thought into how long you’re munching on your dinner? Probably not… I know I don’t. But consider all of the times you’ve scarfed down a full plate of food and then somehow still felt hungry soon ever. It’s most likely because you’re eating too fast.

So here’s how to implement this into your everyday life if you’re looking to lose a few pounds: eat slower. It’s as simple as that. I’m not going to encourage you guys to go on some crazy diet or anything like that – what you do with your body is your business. But this tip sounds like a relatively easy way to start eating a little bit healthier. And if it helps you get to your goal weight? That’s cool too.

Eating slower will keep you full for longer and help you eat less. When you’re more focused on what you’re eating and you really think about what you’re chowing down on, you’re less likely to eat a ton of it. That’s why we’re always told not to eat in front of the television – it distracts us too much. If you want to try this out, do it during your next meal. I’m not saying you should sit there and count until 30 for every bite of food you chew. That would be weird. But just tell yourself to eat slower by chewing a little longer. 

Are you going to try this tip? Do you usually eat in front of something distracting, like the TV? Would you ever want to work on your eating habits? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Lana

    I am totally going to try this today. Also, if you just can’t eat slowly, stop eating
    before you feel full. Your brain can take as long as 20 minutes to realize your stomach
    is full!

  • Alexz

    This is true! It’s how the French people eat ; ) eat slower, be thinner. That easy!