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These new smartphone apps promote safe sex, STD testing, and sharing your STD status–but are they the ultimate solution? | Source: ShutterStock

If you’re sexually active, chances are your phone has something to do with it–whether it’s scheduling dates or hitting “ignore” when you get a booty call–but now your smartphone can also be used to promote safe sex and STD testing. Pretty awesome, right?

A new app called MedXCom lets you “bump” phones and exchange STD status and contact info with people you meet, so you can be sure to have safe sex–and if someone else has the app, you already know they’re at least somewhat responsible. The MedXCom app has a feature called MedXSafe. You can have your doc enter in your STD status into the app after you get tested. You can then exchange that info with anyone else who has the app to determine whether or not they’re worth the risk of sleeping with–and to easily let them know that the best sex for you is safe sex.

MedXCom isn’t the only safe sex app, either. has a similar feel to it (its slogan is cute, too: “Spread the love and nothing else”), and so does U Should Know, which allows you to check on a partner’s STD status.

Another good thing about safe sex apps? Even though they’re not immune to hackers–nothing is!–they’ll never expose someone with an STD. If you test positive for an STD, the app will encourage you to get treated, then retested. You’ll be reported as STD free only when your new test results come back negative.

Of course, even safe sex apps have risks. Docs warn that HIV results can take months to come back on a test, so you may get a false feeling of safety from the app when in actuality you’re still waiting on those STD test results. And you’re smart enough to know that safe sex apps aren’t a replacement for condoms–and even if you both test clean, you still need to use protection to actually have safe sex, because without it, you’re at risk of getting pregnant.

Still, having safe sex–and conversations about it–at your fingertips is a really good step in the right direction to eliminating the awkwardness of talking it over with a partner. We’re all for this!

Would you use a safe sex app? Do you think safe sex apps are a good idea or that they promote unprotected sex? Do you think a safe sex app would encourage more people to be sexually responsible and get tested for STDs? Would be comfortable sharing your STD status with a safe sex app? Tell us in the comments!

You won’t believe who might be encouraging unsafe sex!

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