Counting Down To A New Year’s Eve Kiss

How crazy is it that’s it’s nearly the new year?! However, before we can officially begin 2013, there’s the annual New Year’s Eve party to ring in the holiday. And if I’m not mistaken, there’s a certain midnight kiss tradition…

A few weeks ago, many of you read one girl’s attempt at a mistletoe kiss. Well, the first go-around to take advantage of a holiday-sanctioned kiss may not have gone over perfectly, but with the coming of the new year, optimism is in the air. How will things play out for her in search of a New Year’s Eve kiss at the stroke of midnight? Let’s find out…

So it’s important to know that normally I spend my New Year’s Eve a little more on the lax side. I’m not even sure I’ve ever made it to midnight.

This year though, my friend has decided to throw a New Year’s Eve bash. She says I’ll really, really, really have fun if I go. So in the spirit of 2013 optimism, I agree to join.

I arrive, and things are already pretty rocking. How does everyone have so much energy?!?! Still, I try to join in on the dancing.

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Who is that head bopping over in the corner? HE IS HERE. “He” of mistletoe kiss failure fame and long-time unrequited (maybe?) crush!

I may not like staying up late but I did try with with my outfit to be festive and replicate the Times Square Ball — I got a little help from a a special website (wink!). I look good and I already can imagine how I will shine when he declares his love for me at midnight.

But remember how things didn’t work out under the mistletoe? I decide to just let what happens, happen. So I make the rounds, chat with my friends, the usual party fare. About a half hour before midnight, I make my way to the snack table. Someone tells me that the mini-quiche are really good (obviously) and I glance over to where the voice comes from.

IT’S HIM. All my “Oh, I am not going to get all crazy that he is here” mentality flies out the window. THIS IS A SIGN! I try to recover with a normal person smile.

We get to chatting, it’s all pretty flirty (win!) and I know midnight is getting close so I am trying to conceal my excitement.

He asks me what time it is and I glance at my watch — it’s ten minutes to midnight. He says he wants to go grab some mints from the snack table. MINTS, guys! Like, “I want a clean mouth for when we kiss at midnight, which you just said is in ten minutes.” Obviously, I tell him to go for it. 2013 is looking like it’ll be the best year ever.

While I’m still celebrating on the inside, someone announces it’s one minute to midnight. I just think they’re joking, until I catch a glimpse of the countdown starting on the TV.

But my watch… it said… AH NO! I knew there was a reason I never wore this watch! I couldn’t figure out how to fix the time on it. The fact that the year says 2046 should have been a giveaway. And now he has already walked away from me!

The snack table is all the way across the room and still mobbed with people. I’ve lost sight of my crush in the crowd. I turn back around and standing just inches away from me is my friend’s pesky brother (remember him?).

I don’t want to kiss him at midnight, so I quickly duck away toward the snack table and stake out a spot to wait for my crush. The countdown begins: 10, 9, 8, 7…

6, 5, 4 Okay where is he…

3, 2, 1… Andddddd he is no where in sight.

So much for that midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve. I don’t know, but it seems 2013 is already not my year.

Sigh, but if it’s meant to be, it will be one day, right? In the mean time, let me just start counting down until Valentine’s Day…

What are your thoughts about New Year’s Eve? Have you ever had a kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve? Tell us in the comments!

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