Ouch! Brazilian Waxing + “Pejazzling” For Guys Is On The Rise

brazilian waxing for men

Brazilian waxing for men is on the rise. Among other things. | Source: ShutterStock

If you planned on getting lucky this New Year’s Eve, your guy may have a surprise for you down there: More dudes than ever are into Brazilian waxing. And not for you, but for themselves.

A new study says that about 73 percent of guys wax their nether regions! Also fun? One in ten guys somehow–they didn’t specify whether through waxing, shaving, or something else–gets rid of hair on his tush, too.

Waxing for men has taken off in part because of shows like Jersey Shore (RIP!). Dudes are sporting smoother skin than ever, and regardless of whether you find waxing for men to be weird or hot, we’re sort of happy that it’s happening. Because it means that guys are going through a lot of the same torture-like nonsense that they expect us to do. (Now they just have to feel pressured to bleach their privates, get plastic surgery on them, and maybe wear heels.)

Guys aren’t just getting Brazilian waxes on their butts and full-frontal regions. Dudes are also waxing their eyebrows (be careful, boys–don’t overdo it!), chests (ouch!), back (that sounds tough), nose (ow!), and ears (yikes!). Less than one third of guys go au naturale and let it all hang out, letting their furry flags fly.

Another trend that’s a little weirder? You’ve probably heard of vajazzling. Well, guys have their own version now: Pejazzling. Yup, guys are applying crystals to their freshly waxed penises for whatever reason. And we think that part’s a little unsound. Think about the logistics: You could, ostensibly, get a sequin or crystal fall off where you really don’t want it. Yikes!

Do you think waxing for guys is cool or do you prefer your guys a little hairier? Would you ever get with a guy who was into pejazzling? Tell us in the comments!

Wait–these people think girls put crystals WHERE?

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  • pinkheart

    I dont understand the bleaching thing but pejazziling sounds kind of cute. I wouldnt mind seeing a few different ways guys would do that. I am not into hair but I wouldnt mind if he had some or none.

  • Allie

    I honestly prefer my guys a lil harrier because I don’t shave at all. I don’t want guys to feel like thwy have to shave just because other guys are!

  • Leah

    My guy is big and ruggid… and hairy, but he’s also sweet and caring and i love him to death, so I’m okay with him keeping himself the way he is because it honestly doesn’t bother me

  • Missy

    Honestly, I’ve never liked hairiness down there so i’m glad guys are waxing! i think it’s sexy and i love the smooth skin ^^ pejazzling..eh not a fan but i think it’s cute lol