The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Eating Right

I am a lazy girl who may not be able to cook, but I LOVE to eat. I mean, I can nom, nom, nom with the best of them. The thing is that I actually do like a lot of healthy foods… the problem is I just happen to like a lot of not healthy foods more. Case in point – I am eating cookies as I write this!

Eating healthy is definitely important, but it can be a little tough to really stick to always eating healthy foods. We’ve figured out a few ways to rationalize eating the maybe-not-so-healthy stuff we want, while still feeling like we’re sticking to our commitment to eat right.

Here’s ten tips to guide you along the tricky path of trying to eat right (or maybe not…):

What’s your favorite healthy food to eat? What’s your favorite not-so-healthy treat to snack on? Tell us in the comments!

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