Reader Hookup Confession: He Called Me The Wrong Name While Hooking Up!

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Um, WHAT did you just call me? | Source: ShutterStock

If there’s one thing girls can always bond about, it’s an embarrassing hookup story. Trust us: we all have them. So don’t be shy! Read this OMG reader hook-up confession, and then send your own to

My boyfriend and I were hanging out one day when we started hooking up. We were all alone in his house, so obviously we started having sex. Things were going really great… at first.

He’s louder than most guys, so I’m used to him making a lot of noise and saying stuff while we’re hooking up. This time, he was groaning when all of the sudden he said, “Jenna!” Now, most people wouldn’t care about this too much, except… Jenna isn’t my name. Even worse? His MOM is named Jenna.

I quickly rolled off of him because I was totally freaked out. I didn’t even know what to say! He started stammering a lot, and finally he said that his ex-girlfriend’s name was Jenna also. We laugh about it now, but it was so scary and awkward when it happened.

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  • Penolepe

    Omg that’s discusring!

  • LMN

    He’s fantasizing about his ex during sex and that’s laughable…….?

    • Melissa

      that is not funny. I think i prefer him calling for his mama over his ex gf seriously? and she is still with him

    • Ninalinda

      right! im like how is that funny hes thinkin about his ex while hes screwing you!

  • Jenns

    AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! My name is JENNA!

  • nakkiemusic

    Thats nasty. LMAO!!

  • noel

    Ewww i would be pissed!

  • khikhi

    That is messed up no matter who “Jenna” is. Either way he would receive the boot from me.

    That is sooo weird!!!

    • Daisy

      I totally agree! That’s not right!

  • Jillian

    OK…I can’t think of anything more awkward. His mother or his ex-girlfriend.

  • Jawanza

    uh no. should’ve dumped him
    he called you another girls name. not ok

  • Lea

    So she thought he was thinking about his mom during sex but then she found he was actually thinking about his ex-girlfriend…. How is that better?!? lol i guess it is a little hahaha