How To Wear Red Lipstick (Without Looking Like A Clown)

how to wear red lipstick

It looks so simple, right?! | Source: Shutterstock

If you’ve ever tried to emulate Taylor Swift’s look (and failed miserably!) you probably already know how tricky it can be to wear red lipstick without looking like a crazy person. That stuff bleeds, it smudges, and it’s just so red that if you screw up, it’s beyond obvious.

So, how can you wear red lipstick and look hot instead of horrifying? It’s easier than you’d think! First, since you’re playing up your lips, keep your eye makeup simple–no bright or bold eye shadows! Then, use a nude-colored lip liner to keep your lipstick from bleeding outside the lines. Finally, take your time when you put it on. Do not attempt to put on red lipstick on the bus, on the way to school, or while you’re walking down the street. It will look like a hot mess!

Once your lipstick is on, blot it once with the back of your hand to keep it from smudging on other stuff. Voila! You’ve got perfect red lips!

Do you ever wear red lipstick? Do you think it’s a cute look or not? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Sara Jones

    I love red lipstick!!! I have been wearing Ruby Woo, Relentlessly Red, and Russian Red all by MAC. I get so many compliments when I wear the especially Ruby Woo. I think if you have confidence in yourself, you can wear any color on your lips honestly. I don’t think your completion should matter as long as you know how to blend you can get any look you desire. I must say, using a lip pencil does work…

    • Sara Jones

      I feel good about myself when I wear Red lipstick!!!

  • katiebearz123

    I feel really sexy when i have red lip stick on

  • PikachuGirl

    God yeah, I have red tinted lip stuff from Lush,it’s like 5 pounds but last aaagess so after like a year i still have most of my tin left!But I am 13 so I have to put it on in secret at school as my parents aren’t likely to let me wear much at home,and my sister goes to the same school as me so arrgh! I like this it helps me look less clowny.Also I am Indian so red lips generally suit Asians of most kinds…If you’re black then stick to amethysts and shimmery dark burgundy rather than pillar box red. Hope this helps guys!xxx

  • BeliebInMB

    What if you’re black.? I could definitely NOT pull off red lipsticks.

    • Jellybeann

      I Always Get Compliments On My Makeup ,Especially W. My Eye Shadows & Red Lipsticks . I Love It & Pull It Off Amazingly . Oh . Btw , I Am Black . (Cappuccino Color)

  • Mia

    I don’t think I could ever pull off red lipstick but I really really like red lip tints and tinted lip balm. It makes my lips look red in a natural way and I also use it on my cheeks for a natural blush. My fav is Benetint by Benefit Cosmetics- its $$$ but it lasts me months and months.

  • Lauren

    It’s super cute–if you have the right color. I found one that I love, but I don’t wear it too much because I usually eat breakfast after doing make up. However, this lipstick is great because I can wipe it off as I eat with my napkin, but it’s been on long enough to stain and still look pretty! The trick is keeping it moist and not drying out my lips. Cherry Chapstick is perfect on top because it’s already red!

  • Victoria

    Hey, Gurl! I really love all the tips you give and here are a few! If this helps, I might even post more!
    1. Dry lips? Need a lip scrub? No problem! Mix sugar, olive oil and honey and voila!
    2. If you need some help with eyelash growth, or your eyelashes are fragile, dab olive oil in your fingers and then massage your eyelashes in the motion you would use to apply mascara.
    3. This one is kinda obvious: If you have dull skin- DRINK MORE WATER! You might think this won’t work- but it does! Over time, you will notice your skin will glow and look & feel better! 🙂