Opening Christmas Presents: How To Do It Without Being A Jerk!

opening christmas presents

So, you got me . . . what?! | Source: Shutterstock

You Can’t Tell What It Is

Usually, the mystery of Christmas exists before the package is opened . . . but on some wonderfully awkward occasions, you open the box only to realize you have no idea what that thing inside of it is! I once received a very strange lamp that . . . didn’t look at all like a lamp and had feathers on it. I had no idea what it was, so (in a moment of Christmas present opening genius) I raised it up for all to see and loudly said, “Isn’t this beautiful?!” Thankfully, someone in my family said, “Yeah, I’ve never seen a lamp like that before!” Aha! I’d found out what it was without having to admit that it was the most confusingly strange gift ever. Crisis averted. So, if that happens to you, crowdsource the answer like I did!

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  • Sarah

    That’s dumb, you should be able to say “I’m allergic to peanuts” when you get something with peanuts in it, its a pretty important fact. There is nothing “rude” about that. You should also be able to show appreciation for a gift you get, when you get it, no matter who is around. I wouldn’t care if someone liked someone else’s gift more than mine, that’d be dumb. If that does happen, you have some sort of jealousy issues.

  • Charlotte

    When I was about eight, one of my aunties gave me my first knickers and bra set.Strangely enough,I don’t believe we’ve had a present from her since…

  • lola

    When I was eight my dad bought me school books to help children with learning disabilities for christmas. I do not have a learning disability. i believe i began to cry.