Do You Have To Wear Sexy Underwear For Him?

sexy underwear

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Okay, let’s talk about what you’ve got on under those jeggings–and who you’re wearing them for! That’s right, we’re talking underwear. Underwear drawers across America are divided up between “everyday underwear” that you presumably wear for your own comfort, and “sexy underwear” that you presumably wear when you want to be sexy for someone else. To me, this is all wrong.

While it’s true that underwear should fulfill either your need to be comfortable or your need to feel amazingly beautiful (and in some miracle cases, a pair of underwear can do both)–whatever underwear you wear should be chosen for you and you alone! What a lot of people don’t realize is that you’ll always be sexier in something you like than in something that suits someone else’s preferences, because you’re more confident in the things you genuinely feel good in! So, if you feel like a rockstar in a lace thong? Go for it! If wearing cotton boy shorts makes you feel awesome, then wear those!

The bottom line (heehee) is that the person you’re with should like you for you–even if that means you don’t dress up like a Victoria’s Secret angel every night. The sexiest sexy underwear of all is whatever makes you feel like the goddess you are.

What kind of underwear do you wear? Do you think comfy underwear can be sexy underwear? Do you worry about what guys will think of your undies when you hook up? Tell us in the comments!

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  • anonymous

    I don’t wear sexy underwear just for the dudes, I’ll wear em to feel sexy whatsoever! 😀

  • Caity

    My boyfriend doesn’t care what underwear I wear. He has his preferences, but a pair of ugly underwear won’t stop him from having sex with me.

  • Flip

    No? I might prefer my bf wear boxers. It’s an opinion. But if he doesn’t want to he shouldn’t. Same should go with women.

  • BleedingSun

    This is awesome 🙂 I feel best if I wear a pair of sexy underwear, doesn’t matter if anyone is gonna see them, they make me feel good 😛