I Don’t Have Any Sexual Feelings… Am I Weird?

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chrissyy said:

So, I’m wondering if it’s weird that I don’t really like anything sexual. I’ve been fingered a bunch of times and I’ve only actually enjoyed it once. I refuse to let anyone perform oral sex on me because it grosses me out. I’ve never had sex, because frankly, I have no one I like enough to have sex with – but also, just the thought of it seems terrible and like it would hurt really bad. I’ve never had an orgasm, like ever, if you were wondering. Is it weird that I don’t like anything? Or are some people just not sexual?

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  • YuddandiSivaSubramanyam

    it is state of mind, nothing to do with physical feature.

  • J.M.

    I’m the same way. It is not a problem. You find guys that are the same way and you do other things that are way more exciting. (Personal Opinion)
    For example: I met someone, and we go on adventures and try new foods, whatever we can get into. We have similar interests that keeps us together. Not sex. And let me say, finding something new to do everyday with that person, is just way more fun than having someone who thinks they need sex.

  • Janniel

    Don’t feel ashamed. I am a man and I think that have always been asexual, but at the age of 29 I finally accepted it. Until then I forced myself into sexuality and as one can already guess, it was not really fun and nice, for I was not myself and thus mostly played the sexuality like an actor.

  • Alex

    You are probably asexual. There’s nothing wrong with and I suggest checking out AVEN, it really helped me come to terms with being asexual.

  • Lisa

    When I was dating my ex i never had any sexual desire to do anything. At first i thought maybe there was just something wrong with me but now I’ve realized the problem was me, it was him. I just wasn’t attracted to him in that way which was why i had no sexual feelings. One day, the right guy will come along and I’m sure he’ll change everything.

  • yssubramanyam

    it is ok, good tuning will do..

  • yssubramanyam

    nothing wrong, good tuning is required.

  • Sarah

    Hey sweetie!
    Okay, here’s the thing. I actually run into your problem a lot. Which is weird, because I HAVE done all that stuff you haven’t done. And my theory is that maybe we just aren’t very comfortable. We forget sometimes that sexual activities – especially for girls – are difficult to get into. That is, take a real interest in. So next time you have the opportunity to do something sexual, try and take it slow. If you’re really looking to fix it you could find a friend that would be willing to experiment a little with you, and just take it slow. Make out for a while, no pressure, or give each other massages.
    And no matter what, do not stress about it. Stress is a huge turn off, scientifically speaking. Do some research – don’t trust my word on it. Sex is definitely fun, but it’s not everything. And anyway, do you really want to be messing around with someone who won’t make sure you’re really taken care of?
    There’s a SLIM chance that something might be medically wrong with you, but as long as you’re eating right, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, and just generally being healthy, you should be just fine.
    Hope it all works out!


  • TKDcutie

    thats fine there is nothing wrong with not feeling into sexual stuff

  • basschick

    not sure your age, but maybe you are to young? or maybe you will crave it later in life?

    plus, you said you never liked a guy enough to have sex. maybe that is the problem. once you find someone you actually really like… your thoughts will change.

  • RocksNasia

    Some people are just not sexual. Guys and gurls both. I saw a documentary about a guy who never could be satisfied.