Hey, Selena Gomez + Niall Horan–Beware The 5 Dangers Of Double Dating!

Niall Horan and Selena Gomez are rumored to want to have some One Direction double dates with Harry Styles and  Taylor Swift--but it could get messy! | Source: WENN

Niall Horan and Selena Gomez are rumored to want to have some One Direction double dates with Harry Styles and Taylor Swift–but it could get messy! | Source: WENN

Double dates can be a really fun away to let loose with pals and spend time with your boo at the same time. And with busy schedules like the ones Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and the guys in One Direction are dealing with, it’s not that surprising that Taylor would be stoked to double date with Harry Styles and her BFF Sel. The “Love You Like a Love Song” starlet is reportedly eyeing Niall Horan now that’s she’s split from Justin Bieber. Rumor has it that she and Taylor are trying to set it up!

But they should all be careful of the drama that can come with double dates, especially when there are zillions of cameras around–and when one half of you are an established couple and the other are just getting to know one another for the first time. Here’s our advice to Selena, Niall, Harry, and Taylor–and to you–on what may happen when a double date gets awkward or weird and how to deal.

1. You may spend more time chatting up your bestie than your boyfriend, and he could get jealous.
Let’s be real. As awesome as your guy is, you probably have at least a bit of an easier time talking with your friends, right? You have more inside jokes, less of a filter, and they totally get you. As a result, it’s easy for your dude to feel left behind, especially if he’s never met or isn’t close with your BFF’s BF. A good bet is to try to stay on topics that you all have an opinion on (Anchorman 2) rather than inside stories (like how Carly’s hair looked so weird at her Sweet 16).

2. Your best friend and your boyfriend might not get along.
This is pretty common in part because of scenario 1–everyone loves you so much that they don’t want to share you! A good bet? Talk both of them up to other. Let your boyfriend know how awesome your friend is at Guitar Hero, and let your BFF know how great your boyfriend was at tutoring you in chem. Considering they both love you, that’s something they have in common, and they’ll be stoked that the other is so good to you.

3. You may feel pressured to move faster if the other couple is too hands-on with each other.
If you’re all at the movies and they’re making out and rounding second–awkward! PDA in general is weird, but it’s especially uncomfortable if, like Selena Gomez and Niall Horan, you’re just getting to know each other in the presence of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, who openly make out in restaurants. A safe bet? You can try letting your pal know before you leave to go out that you don’t want to be put in that kind of situation. If it’s already too late? Try making a joke about it (“Hey, looks like they’ve met before!”) and change the subject. Hopefully they get the hint, and if not, feel free to step out for air!

4. There may be issues with who foots the bill.
When you’re in One Direction or as loaded as Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are, it doesn’t really matter who pays. But most of us aren’t. If you’re going on a double date and don’t want to be stuck splitting the cost for your friend who ordered a steak when all you had was a milkshake, ask the waiter or waitress for separate checks as soon as you sit down. Your guy may offer to foot yours too, which is nice–but don’t always bank on it. Bring enough to cash to cover your share just in case!

5. What if you’re having a miserable time and don’t like your date?
For the sake of your friendship, try to stick it out at least until the movie or meal is done. And don’t badmouth the guy afterward, because it will get back to him and cause more drama later!

Have your besties ever set you up on a double date? Have you ever had double dating drama? Do you think Selena Gomez and Niall Horan should get together? Tell us in the comments!

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  • BleedingSun

    My one and only double date was so awful xD It was my 16th birthday, and my best friend who I hardly ever get to see wanted to take me out for dinner. She hadn’t met my boyfriend yet and I hadn’t met hers so we descided to double date.
    First off, the two boys didn’t get along. Her boyfriend at the time was kinda superfical, a jock, a little prudey.
    Mine at the time was a bit of a goth, very out spoken (about things maybe he shouldn’t be. *cough* previous sexcapades with other girls *cough*), and really flirty with everyone.
    So there was tension right off the bat.
    And my boyfriend at the time has this thing for shiny stuff. It catches his eye, he can’t help it. So of course my friend has worn a sparkly dress and her boyfriend gets all pissed. And do boot, my boyfriend is hitting on him. So its just a bad scene all together.

    Both the guys were kind of jerks but it just DID NOT work xD

  • Rebecca

    I hate double because its always a competition. Its better to just have group hangouts like bowling or ice skating.