Playing Hard To Get Could Work If You’re Looking For A Relationship


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Looking for a new honey this holiday? Well, according to the findings of a new four-part study, playing hard to get seems to be a strategy that works if you’re in the market for a relationship.

The study looked at college students, and found that male students looking to enter a relationship were more into girls that put up a hard-to-get front. The female students looking for relationships were like Goldilocks – they wanted a guy who played hard to get; not too much, not too little, but a “jusssstttt right” amount.

When it came for a casual hook-up though, a hard-to-get gal was not what the guys were going for, whereas women were more interested in casually hooking up with a guy who was more of a challenge to get. Eesh, relationships are a confusing game.

One experiment in the study tackled the “why” these college students played hard to get, finding that they were trying to make themselves more desirable to the object of their affection (always want what you can’t have, right?) and to get a sense of their suitor’s commitment to them.

So what about the “how?” A different experiment in the study found that common hard-to-get strategies among the group of students surveyed included “acting confident” and “talking to others.” Overall though, women were more likely to play hard to get, and according to the survey, the ladies did things like “not call” and “not talk a lot” more than the gents. Anyone guilty of these?

Now, just because this study found evidence that playing hard to get could work in your favor if you’re looking to lock down a guy, I thought up a couple things that I think may be considered taking “hard to get” just a litttttle too far:

1. Changing every single one of your contacts – cell phones, emails, profiles, etc. – so the person can’t get in touch with you at all.

2.Legally changing your name so he REALLY has to work to track you down.

3. Physically hiding in completely secluded places. You know, like a game of hide and seek, but he is entirely unaware that he is the seeker.

4. Taking a vow of silence. Even if he asks you a question, just stare blankly back.

5. Transferring schools. Or moving across the country… or to another country!

Whether you want to play hard to get or not, just make sure that when it comes to relationships, you’re doing what feels right for you. Different things feel right to different people, so going with what is best for you is most important!

What do you think about playing hard to get? Has playing hard to get worked for you before? How do you feel when the person you are interested in seems to be playing hard to get? Tell us in the comments!


Does Playing Hard To Get Really Make Guys Like You?

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