Comments Of The Week: Exclamation Point Edition!!!

Back when I was writing essays in school, I would write my straightforward statements with the periods and my questions with the appropriate question marks, but it rarely seemed like there was good time for me to use exclamation points in my papers. Sadness.

The thing is though, I LOVE using exclamation points! See that there? I just couldn’t help myself! Exclamation points are awesome because they show that you’re passionate about something – whether you’re really excited, angry, exasperated, appreciative or some other intense emotion bubbling up in you just needing to be expressed.

We love getting to hear your reactions in the comments, and seeing your use of exclamation points reminds me how invested you readers are in what you find here at Gurl. We really appreciate it! As always, thanks for contributing to our comments, and here are a few of your comments from this week that include my beloved exclamation point.

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Do you love using exclamation points? What emotions do you most often express with your use of exclamation points? What was the last thing you wrote that you felt was worthy of an exclamation point? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Angelika

    i know how it feels, ive walked in on my paernts as well. It was really awkward cause i saw my dads arse and he quickly pulled the quilt over him. I quickly ran out and shut the door, i was grimed out and didnt know what to think Ive heard them more than once though, cause when im with family i have to sleep on the floor next to them whilst their in bed, and i hear them talking and heard them having it. i cant get the picture or sounds out my head and it happened about 3-6 months ago:// xoxo

  • Katie

    Oh my god! My comment is in the article… and the first one!