The Year I Discovered The Truth About New Year’s Eve

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You’d better believe I was wearing one of these! | Source: Shutterstock

I was 19, and I knew this New Year’s Eve was going to be epic. My friend said she could get us into this 21 and over club, and I got the shortest, tightest, shiniest dress that I could find to wear for the big night. I knew something amazing was going to happen. Like, we’d meet someone famous and fall in love and suddenly end up being whisked off to Paris on their private jet. I mean, anything can happen at a Hollywood night club, right? Especially when you’re wearing the dress I was going to wear.

My hopes were more than high. I spent more than two hours getting ready, practicing my coolest dance moves and imagining what I’d say when that super dreamalicious guy approached me on the dance floor. Finally, we parked the car and wobbled into the club in our not-fitting-quite-right (but super chic, or so we thought) heels.

Were there a lot of people there? Yes. But were any of them . . . fabulous? Nope. It was just all the same people we’d seen at other clubs, wearing slightly more ridiculous looking outfits, and trying way to desperately to hit on everybody. After about 30 minutes of complete disbelief, my friend and I decided to ditch the idea of meeting anyone cool and started acting way goofy on the dance floor. We had an amazing time that night, but really only after we gave up our totally unreal New Year’s Eve expectations.

The thing is that December 31st really is just like any other day. Of course you can have an awesomely fun time, but I think you’re more likely to have a night to remember if you’re not expecting to. You know what I mean?

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What’s Your Dream New Year’s Eve?!

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