The Saga Of The Perfect Bra

perfect bra

You don’t KNOW how good this bra was. | Source: Shutterstock

You know how great it is to find a bra that just fits you so super well? A really perfect bra? One that’s comfortable and that makes your jubblies look like a million bucks? Right. I had one of those. It was a black Calvin Klein front-hook underwire that one of the women in the lingerie department at Macy’s had recommended for me. Before I’d tried it on, I was skeptical. “Why do I need such a fancy bra?!,” I thought, but then when I tried it on, I realized that bra had been made just for me. The perfect bra existed, afterall!

I wore that bra all the time, until about a year ago when I lost it. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where it had gone, but eventually I forgot about it, found other good (but not quite as good) bras and got on with my life.

Then, last weekend, when I was sorting through an old overnight bag, I found it! My perfect bra and I had been reunited! I washed it by hand, hung it up to dry, and waited for it to be ready to wear. I was psyched.

The next day, I was running late in the morning, but popped that bra on under a sweater and headed out the door. Except, while I was on the subway, I noticed something funny. My bra was moving around! On my breasts! Every time I moved, it moved differently. I’d bend forward, the cups would ride up. I’d lean back and they’d slide down. Sometimes my torso was pointed to the left, but the cups of my bra were pointed to the right! What on earth was happening?! I looked like I had extra jubblies growing out of me and felt uncomfortable all day.

Finally, when I got home, I took off that bra and tried to fix it. Surely the straps were too long. If I shortened them, it would fix everything! No luck. What had really happened was that the band that went around my chest had stretched out and lost all elasticity. I had found my favorite bra, but it turned out that it really was lost forever.

I mourned that bra just a little as I flung it into the garbage bin in my room, but really, it was time. Here’s hoping there’s another perfect bra in my future. Maybe I should ask my fairy godmothers at Macy’s to help me out again.

Do you have a perfect bra? What would you do if it didn’t fit you anymore? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Jordan

    I found my favorite from Pink at Victoria Secret its super fantabulous!

  • felly

    I have 40 DDD trending into F’s. There is no such thing as a perfect bra for me in any department or lingerie store in my area. 🙁 At best, I end up with one that fits reasonably for a few months and then goes caput no matter how much I paid for it or how well I cared for it.

  • nayr1156

    I have great bras that fit me perfectly. they are padded but they don’ t clip in the front or back. they all have razerback and they are very cocomfortable.

  • Blue-Footed Booby

    Sounds like your bra band is too loose. Your cup’s also probably too small. What’s the measurement around your ribcage? Go from that for your band, without adding any inches.

    Look at blogs thinandcurvy and busts4justice for good advice on how a bra should fit. Once you’ve got that down properly, lots of different bras should feel more comfortable. Warning: if you don’t have small boobs or a medium-large band size, fashion bra companies (hi there VS!) like to pretend you don’t exist.

  • Dana

    Victoria’s Secret t-shirt bras are amazing! I’ve got 6 or 7 of them.

  • michaela

    I work at Victoria’s Secret, so perfect bras are my business! I recommend that you get re-fitted for your size and then an associate can help you find another perfect bra that works for you. Always wear it on the loosest hook first (as it stretches out naturally you can tighten it and get more life out of your bra) and hand-wash, but try not to wash too often. Also, if you find your perfect bra, get three of them; one to wash, one to wear and one to spare. A bra takes 24 hours to return to it’s original shape after it’s been worn, so try to rotate between the three. Hope it helps, happy hunting!