So, What’s The Deal With Ouija Boards?

how do ouija boards work?

I was not moving it that time! | Source: Shutterstock

I’ve had a Ouija board sitting on a shelf in my apartment forever, but I haven’t opened it since my Halloween party about four years ago. My best friends and I were all gathered around the board when the pointer started moving fast. It told us some pretty freaky stuff, and um, nobody’s really wanted to use it since.

I don’t honestly think that real spirits can contact you through the Ouija board–but even if you don’t believe in ghosts, the Ouija board can be kind of scary late at night. Especially when you know you weren’t moving the pointer–and your friends swear they weren’t, either.

But then if nobody really was moving the pointer, and there aren’t ghosts, then how does it move? Scientists are pretty confident that when the Ouija board’s pointer moves, it’s because of something called the ideomotor phenomenon. That means that your subconscious mind tells your muscles to move in a certain way (like, to move the pointer with super tiny muscular movements in your fingers) without your brain telling you you’re doing it. So you don’t realize you’re moving the pointer at all, but you are.

Now that I’ve gone and ruined all the fun (okay, I probably haven’t–I knew about the ideomotor phenomenon at that Halloween party and still got weirded out!), here’s a fun song about Ouija boards by Morrissey. . . called Ouija Board, Ouija Board! LOVE! IT!


Do you ever play with Ouija boards? If you do, what’s the strangest thing that’s ever happened while you were playing? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Indigo

    I think the spirits that talk to you through ouija boards are real. My mom’s good friend (and ex husband who she married before she met my dad) died in a car accident. Months later, after I find out who he is, and meet his parents, we start to use the ouija board. We ask for him, and when we ask what his last name is, or what his mother’s maiden name is, he answers. My mom has asked him where stuff is, we talk to him, and he’s helped me find stuff where I didn’t even now it would be. Once I lost an encyclopedia that I needed, and when he told us that it was in the closet, I checked, but it wasn’t there. We then checked the downstairs closet, and I didn’t find it, but I found another book that I was looking for. We asked again, he said it was in my closet. It wasn’t, but we found it in a closet right next to my room. We couldn’t have known it was there. I believe that his spirit was talking to us, and we’ve even (accidentally) talked to others, like “Betty” who told me (after I asked her what happened when you die) that you’re dead. My mom did say that it was probably just what you explained, but it doesn’t seem like it. Ouija boards do work.