Now That Marijuana May Be Legalized, Is Smoking Weed Really So Bad?

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With the new marijuana laws, smoking weed isn’t seen as that a big deal anymore. | Source: Shutterstock

You probably heard that Colorado and Washington state are pretty much on their way to making marijuana legal. So that means smoking weed probably isn’t so bad, right?

If you’re in that camp, you’re not alone. A new study says that teens think smoking weed occasionally isn’t a big deal at all, especially in places where it’s considered okay in the eyes of the law. Research says that 41.7 percent of eighth graders think smoking marijuana once in a while is harmful; 66.9 percent say smoking weed is pretty dangerous if you do it regularly.

Those numbers are way down from 1991, when the government first started looking into how young adults feel about marijuana use. And it turns out your views on smoking weed tend to change as you get older–you’re likely less opposed to it. Only about 20 percent of high school seniors said smoking weed once in a while is harmful, while 44 percent think using marijuana is bad if you do it regularly.

Of course, the government isn’t too stoked about the news. They expect increases in marijuana use now that there’s not as much of a legal stigma against smoking weed. The reason they’re up in arms about it? Studies have shown that smoking marijuana in your teens may actually result in alower I.Q. as an adult and leads to an increased chance of becoming psychologically addicted to it. (That may be part of the reason that legal marijuana is only available to those 21 and over in Washington and Colorado.)

Smoking marijuana is up in teens, but it may not be all bad news for the government: Though smoking weed has gone up pretty much across the board, fewer young adults are using other illegal drugs. That sort of kills the “gateway drug” argument against marijuana, right?

In any case, marijuana is still illegal under federal law, even though President Obama said those who use marijuana legally under Colorado and Washington’s state laws wouldn’t really be hounded it for it.

But that still means that if you live there and smoke weed if you’re not 21 yet, you’re probably still subject to trouble–so if you’re going to do it, be careful, be smart, know your rights, and know what you’re up against. Smoking weed illegally can get you in serious trouble if you’re caught. We’re not telling you what to do–you’re smart enough to make your own decisions. We just want to make sure you’re as informed as possible when you make them and that they’re the best possible for you. Because if you can’t tell, we sort of dig you here.

Do you think marijuana should be legalized? Do you think smoking weed is a big deal? Have you ever taken risks in order to smoke weed? Do you think marijuana is addictive? Do you think waiting til age 21 to smoke weed is a good rule? Tell us in the comments!

We bet these celebs are happy that smoking weed is legal in Colorado and Washington!

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  • Dimitris

    yes smoking weed after 21 is very good idea…

  • Neil Anblome

    I personally don’t understand what all the hype about weed is. I think it is a complete waste of money. All that happens is you get retarded and eat food, not worth it for $15-20 a gram. As for the legalization, why just weed. I think ALL drugs should be legalized. Keeping them illegal is a waste of money and resources. We spend approx 50k a year to keep someone in jail. Most people in jail are there for drugs. Besides not all drugs are that bad. Drugs like meth, coke, xtc, painkillers aren’t that bad if used in moderation and responsibly. Also a lot of prescription drugs are just as powerful as street drugs. Adderall=Amphetamines. Oxycotin might as well be heroin. Sadly enough if you find the RIGHT doctor, you may be able to get a prescription for these. And your health insurance pays for your drug abuse. So bottom line legalize ALL drugs. Put an end to this drug war BS!!!!

  • kitty

    my friends smoked weed. yeah, its not a great thing to do. but i mean, with other peoples addictions, why not add weed? I dont see the government forbiding blades for self harm. so why not weed?

  • Brianna

    Legalizing weed would be extremely idiotic. Anyway the states government want to legalize weed not the U.S. government.

  • Eliza

    The government hardly cares about the IQ drop; weed only became illegal because the plant can be used for a ton of products and goods, and it often works better and more ecofriendly than alternatives. Weed could be used for cheap, clean burning FUEL! It also became illegal due to racism towards blacks and Mexicans who used it a century ago. Cannabis ought to be legal 🙂

  • Susanna0416

    I think it should be allowed. It is the peoples decision to make

  • bethoney96

    Legalize it!