10 Things From “Love Actually” That I Would Love To See Actually Happen


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At the beginning of the holiday season, I told my friend that I really wanted to witness a Love Actually moment.” I decided all I wanted for a Christmas gift was to see a display of love in the real world that matched Love Actually.

I am sad to report that I have yet to see any Love Actually moments. I am still holding out for a romantic one, but I have now expanded the list to include other notable moments that I will settle for.

In case anyone else wants to play along, here are ten things from Love Actually that I feel I need to be a part of my Christmas this year:

1. A public singing of “All I Want For Christmas Is You”: Living in NYC, I’m actually really surprised this one has not happened in the streets. Come on, people!

2. A modern Nativity play. I had the coveted role of “Innkeeper” in my church Nativity play as a child, and I am very intrigued by the version with lobsters in the movie. I would like to see a similar one performed in its entirety.

3. A romantic airport chase: This one is pretty improbable with modern airport security, but maybe I could see this moment happen on a small-scale in the lobby waiting to check-in. A little less dramatic and urgent, but it will do.

4. A meticulous store gift wrapper: I’d wait in a crowded line all day to watch someone wrap a gift with the same hilarious detail as Rowan Atkinson’s character.

5. Hear Christmas songs by older musicians: I gave my boyfriend the Bob Dylan Christmas album a few years back, so if all else fails, I can cue up a few of those tracks

6. A workplace love story unfolding: Maybe I will camp out at my Starbucks and see if the two people behind the counter realize their holiday love for one another. That may mean I have to buy a lot of lattes though.

7. The return of a friend from overseas: In a little bit of a swap from the American women that come back to London in the movie, I would like if my friend brought some British guys.

8. A winter wedding: I think the wedding between Juliet and Peter (Ed. note: Whoops – I mistakenly had written Mark previously!) may have been more in November, but I am still going to count it. The fact that I don’t know anyone getting married also raises some concerns about being able to see this.

9. Be reminded of the meaning of love by a wise child: So precious.

10. A cue card love declaration: I would make an excellent disposed cue card holder for the person spilling their emotional guts. Preferably though, this person would not be revealing feelings to somebody who is married to their friend because I’m not sure I want that potential drama to hold over into 2013.

Sigh, even just a celebrity sighting of Colin Firth or Keira Knightley would be acceptable at this point. Universe, let’s make my Christmas dreams happen!

Do you like the movie Love Actually? What scenes from the movie would you like to see happen in real life? Have you ever seen a super romantic real-life holiday moment? Tell us in the comments!

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  • ZoZo

    HILARIOUS. I’d love (personally) to see an End-of-the-World declaration of love. So cute! If we die tomorrow (knock on wood), I’d like you to know that I love you. Just so we go without any regrets. But then awkward, when the world doesn’t actually end!

  • Gabby

    Oh, I LOVED the cue card scene! But yes, it’s best not to do it for someone who’s already married…