What Gives You Tired Eyes Anyway?

tired eyes

Tired eyes? If you know why it’s happening, you can prevent ’em! | Source: ShutterStock

Let’s be real: Being told that you look tired is pretty much a polite way of saying you look like crap. Typically, people are referring to tired eyes–they may be dark or puffy or, for those of us who really hit the jackpot twice, both. Why do we look like poop when we’re pooped? There’s actually science behind it.

Apparently a lack of sleep–which both causes and is often a result of stress–reduces the level of collagen in your skin. So when you ‘re groggy and look in the mirror the week of finals and feel a little horrified at the bags under your eyes, that may be to blame.

Another big bummer about tired eyes is the fact that they can get so puffy. That’s because if you don’t sleep enough, especially on your side on your back, the water in your body doesn’t get distributed evenly throughout your bod. That results in those swollen bags under your eyes when you’re freaking out over wrapping gifts and studying at the same time.

What’s more, losing sleep causes more than just tired eyes and crankiness. It may even make you paler, because stress and a lack of sleep can decrease your bod’s production of melanin, which gives your skin its color.

Even worse? Stress can actually cause wrinkles. You’re probably not worried about that right now, but you’ll have to worry about it even sooner if you’re always stressed out and not getting enough rest. One doc explained, “Your cells are biologically 10 to 15 years older … if you are chronically stressed. If you are 45, the cells signal as if they are 60 years old.” So if you’re 16, you might look 31. Now, there’s nothing wrong with 31-year-olds. A lot of them are really hot. But when you’re 16, you probably don’t want to look older than, say, 21, right? (Because after that, there’s no incentive.)

So how do you get rid of tired eyes? Relax. If you’re stressed, take a breather and try to get to sleep at a decent hour.

Easier said than done? There are some tricks to make your eyes look more awake. Grab cucumber slices from your fridge and put them on your eyes for a few minutes to reduce puffiness. (Don’t have those? Chuck two spoons in your freezer to do the same.) Makeup wise? Avoid dark eyeliner and put concealer just where you need it–and curl your eyelashes to make your poor tired eyes look more alert!

Has anyone ever told you that you look tired? Do you have a favorite remedy for tired eyes? Does stress make it hard for you to sleep? How do you deal with insomnia? Tell us in the comments!

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