Panicking About The End Of The World: The “Final Day” Schedule

I’m pretty skeptical that the world will be ending on December 21, 2012 (aka tomorrow!). From all I can tell and the general lack of panic from the majority of the public, I feel pretty good that I will wake up good to go on December 22 and the “end of the world” will be something to laugh nostalgically over in 2013.

At the same time, I am both a hardcore worrier and someone who lets my imagination run away often. As December 21 has been getting closer, my brain has been going in a thousand different “what if” directions, just trying to wonder what would happen if it really, maybe is the end of the world.

As I get closer to THE day, my worry is going from kind of joking to a little into overdrive. Yikes! I’m going to map out how I think my December 21 will go – of course with the help of GIFs – in order to help me deal.

As soon as I wake up, my eye catches something written on my calendar across the room. I see where my lovely friend – who knows how much I love to worry over things – has written END OF THE WORLD!!!! on today’s date:

Ha. Ha. Joke, right… RIGHT?! I can’t shake a nervous feeling so I call my mom. When I try to play off the calendar thing as a joke she tells me as usual, “You have to stop worrying.” I give my most convincing answer.

But inside my head it’s a whole different story.

I can’t just sit here letting my worry take over, so I decide to go to the grocery store to give myself something to do.

And when I say “gets better,” what I mean is “potentially does not end at some point today.” But when I get to the grocery, I’m like “What if it is the end of the world? Do I really want to eat yet another bowl of cereal?” I have a different idea in mind.

Yup, I want to eat like there is literally no tomorrow. And when I get home, I throw caution to the wind and EAT DESSERT FIRST! I need to LIVE IT UP!

Mmmm, good choice. Then I see that giant pile of laundry on my bed. What’s the point in packing if the world is ending? I just decide to LEAVE IT THERE. Don’t want to waste time packing for my trip home the next day, if there is no “next day” coming.

My roommate gets home and asks why there’s so much laundry and dessert everywhere. I laugh about dealing with my silly worries over 12/21/12, but then suddenly I’m gripped with panic — the end of the world isn’t just an excuse for eating a lot of junk and not cleaning up. It’s like, actually really kind of scary and super sad.

I can’t remember what time today is the exact “end” but by around the late afternoon, I have to start thinking that it’s coming soon. I turn on the news but they aren’t talking about this AT ALL. It’s like, guys, this could be THE story of humankind here. Why is the 24/7 news media not on this?

I decide to make a couple phone calls. You know, take advantage to finally say what’s on my mind to some people. But I end up just kind of waiting around, since it turns out other people aren’t just waiting by the phone like I am for impending doom.

Nope, everyone is going out for their usual Friday plans, but I think the idea of heading back outside into a potentially ending world sounds terrible. Nope, I’m just not going to leave the safety of my bed for any reason whatsoever.

Instead I spend the potentially final night of Earth on Facebook looking at the pictures of everyone else YOLO-ing about. Sigh, what if they don’t even know it is the (potential, maybe) end of the world? I can’t anymore.

Between the evening of news and Facebook and my comfy bed, I start to get tired earlier than usual. No, I need to make it all the way to the end! I fight sleep like my existence depends on it (because… maybe it does!).

I wake up in a drowsy haze, still sprawled on the couch… What day is it? My phone says December 22 — GUYS, WE MADE IT! EARTH STILL EXISTS! I mean, I knew it was going to be like that all along. Totally never doubted. (But we should still celebrate!)

I look again at the time on my phone. My bus home leaves in two hours. I look at my dishes from my feast all over my apartment. My laundry all over my bed. My unpacked suitcase.

Uh oh. Yeah… guess I should have counted on December 22 to roll around just a littttlleeee bit more. Whoops.

Do you really think the world is going to end on December 21? Either way, are you still going to have a little bit of a panic like me? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Julia

    Well, I just wanted to say that according to something I found on the internet, The Mayan Calender did not count Leap years so the world ended like 7 monthes ago:)

  • shannon

    It’s not even the 22nd yet….and by the way I absolutely love the guy skipping along in the park.

  • Katie

    It was sup post to end at 3 in the morning today. And the Mayans were smart during their time, but aren’t nearly as smart to our generation.

  • The Doctor

    Don’t worry! Everything will be fine! I mean, things are usually fine when I’m around, right? Actually, don’t answer that. Anyway, the world’s not going to end, not yet anyway. We’ve got fifteen New Yorks to get through before we even think of that! The whole Mayan calendar end is just . . . ya know . . . . the end of a calendar, not the world. Now, Lord Pascal, funny chap, don’t think he liked me, but I degress.


  • Indigo

    I kinda do. I mean, it hasn’t been proven, but technically it’s the end of the long count Mayan calendar, so no one actually knows if the world ends at the end of one. I personally think that either time itself will stop, or we’ll all just suddenly die. Or, because it’ll be the start of a new era, we will all feel happy and fresh and new. Or dead. Whichever. I also wrote “the end of the world as we know it” on my calendar, because it doesn’t have to mean death, just change. Still, today at school everyone hugged each other and told them they loved them, just in case the world ends. Though someone did point out that it was past 3 am in Australia, and it hasn’t blown up. But the Mayans were in South America, so I guess their time was different. Anyway, I hope I live to see the world tomorrow morning. Unless the world ends. God forbid.