Guess Which Guys Are Least Likely To Use Condoms?

How annoying is it when a guy doesn’t want to use a condom? It’s not even just annoying, it’s actually a really douchebag move. But maybe there’s a reason he doesn’t want to protect his junk: it could be because it just doesn’t fit him.

I know that might sound super lame, but apparently it’s true. A new study out of Hunter College has discovered that the bigger the penis, the more likely a dude is not going to want to wear a condom. It sort of makes sense… if the condom doesn’t fit and is too tight, obviously he’s not going to want to put it on. Do I enjoy putting on tights that are too small? No (that’s the only comparable thing I can think of?), I don’t. So what’s the most obvious solution? Buy condoms that fit.

This study proves that a condom that’s too small is not only annoying, it’s also potentially dangerous. The lead author of the study, Dr. Christian Grov says that a “standard one-size-fits-all condoms might be inadvertently encouraging men to engage in unprotected sex if they’re frustrated with ill-fitting prophylactics.”

Wait, so why don’t they just buy Magnums? What I’m getting from this study is that bigger condoms are more difficult to find – less than 40 percent of the dudes surveyed said it was “easy” to find condoms that fit them. And also, as our buddies over at Global Grind have previously pointed out, Trojan Magnums aren’t necessarily larger than the average condom.

Even still, I find this “condoms are too small for me” argument a lame one. There are larger sized condoms out there dudes (look at this Google search for them!), and if you feel like a regular one simply isn’t big enough for you, than go out and buy a bigger one! I don’t have a penis so I can’t say for sure, but it doesn’t sound that difficult to me. Maybe these larger condoms aren’t as readily available to you as a “normal” sized condom is, but they’re still available. Order them online! Go out of our way to buy one! Or don’t, and have unsafe, unprotected sex… if you can find a chick who will let you.

Moral of the story? Not using a condom is not okay. If your man is complaining about the fit of his condoms, then help him find one that fits more comfortably. There are tons of different condoms out there and a complaint about how they fit just isn’t an acceptable excuse not to wear one.

Have you ever heard a guy complain about the way condoms fit? What would you say if a guy told you he refused to wear a condom? Tell us in the comments.


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  • thinkpink22

    I think it’s ridiculous that some guys won’t guy wear condoms. I know they say it’s better without one – but there are so many risks! STDs and pregnancy! I would much rather have the slight annoyance of wearing one that the lifetime consequences if not. There’ll be time in the future where you don’t need one – wait until then and buy ones that fit properly.

  • chrissy

    I lost my virginity at 11 to my older brothers friend and I dont think he disrespected me. He didnt use a condom and he said it was special to feel this way. Not using a condom is not about disrespect, but it is a huge risk to take. He was a really nice guy and I had a huge crush on him. These days I wouldnt even dare not to use a condom. Thankfully I hadnt started my periods when I lost my virginity so I didnt fall pregnant. He knew that too because he told me that I was too young to fall pregnant and it was okay to do it without a condom. I would never think of unprotected sex now.

  • Jay

    Let me just say that a one-size fits all condom can fit over a human foot without breaking. It could still be uncomfortable, but if he really wants to have sex, he can put it on or buy a bigger one, haha.

  • Bella

    I had to break up with a boyfriend because he wouldn’t use condoms when I wanted to have sex, even though he wanted it too- his argument was that condoms were uncomfortable and made sex displeasurable and reduced any natural sensation. Seriously? Every other guy seems to cope fine. I eventually realised that there was no point being in a relationship with a guy who was pressuring me to have unsafe, unprotected sex. And the hardest thing was, we’d been in a relationship for quite a long time and he was genuinely the one guy I wanted to lose my virginity to. But my advice is, never take any risks, unless your intending pregnancy. I’m so glad I backed out, because any guy who doesn’t respect you and has no consideration for your worries isn’t worth it.