Boobypacks Are The New Fannypacks And I’m Okay With It


Cute, no?

Let me be clear: I HATE fannypacks. Like, hate-hate them. I’m sorry in advance if you use them, but it’s just my personal opinion. My ex-boyfriend’s dad used to wear fannypacks all the time and seeing them on him used to seriously confuse me. I just don’t get them.

But. BUT. This boobypack is a new, amazing version of fannypacks and I have to say, I kind of love it. When I first saw the word “boobypack”, I was like, “Oh man, this is going to be bad.” I was pretty ready to hate it. But then I watched the very weird, yet very strangely awesome, commercial for them, and found that I had been won over.

So what is a boobypack? It’s a bra that holds your stuff in a very convenient spot. I’ve never been the kind of girl who stuffs her phone or money in her bra when I don’t feel like holding them (probably because they wouldn’t fit), and I know this sounds pretty uncomfortable, but it actually doesn’t look so bad. This bra sort of looks like a sports bra, or even a very tiny crop top, and features a little zipper pocket on both sides that can hold your cell, money, credit card or even a thin camera. Bonus? The pocket is waterproof! I wouldn’t start stashing food or hand lotion in there, but it’s a very easy way to keep track of your essentials when you’re too busy doing awesome stuff to hold them or a handbag.

The boobypack looks like it’s being marketed towards girls who hang at raves or clubs or music festivals, but really I feel like it’s something you can wear a bunch of different places. Just imagine how perfect it would be for the gym.

The only problem here? The boobypack isn’t exactly available for sale just yet. It’s a project featured on, a website which allows people to post their projects and ideas and raise money to back them. So this boobypack needs your support! If you think it’s as awesome as I do and you want to contribute to help make it a real-life thing that you can buy and wear, just back them up.

In the meantime, watch the commercial for these bad boys. Guys… it’s weirdness is what makes it cool.

So what do you think about the boobypack, ladies? Totally genius idea, or totally lame? Would you buy one? Tell me in the comments!


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  • JustDMarie

    This NEEDS to go on sale 😀

  • Gabs

    While this may seem like a great idea for raves (and as a rave goer, it is pretty awesome. Nothing worse than having to carry a small bag or just not bring anything with fear of being stranded without money or a phone) chances are this will be used by people who already use their bras to carry money. I’m not gonna say I have never done it, more often it is my phone for when I am home, but as someone who handles money for hours a day, nothing is more disgusting than a women digging in her bra to hand me soggy cash. Having a pocket in the bra won’t make it any better in my mind. Our bobbypack models, are cute and young, the people using it, like fannyfacks are going to be middle-aged and probably overweight.

  • ellie

    i actually want this so bad…..

  • Justine

    I want it!

  • AlyssaRenee59

    I want this so much!! Lol it’s perfect for me. I’m always shoving stuff in my bra when i don’t have pockets or when i don’t want people to grab my phone. I showed my dad. Lol!! 🙂 I’ll buy this if it’s ever for sale.