Your iPhone and Laptop Could Be Ruining Your Sex Life

What’s the last thing you do before you go to bed? If your answer is that you go on your smartphone, laptop or tablet, you might be ruining your sex life. Seriously.

We already know that smartphones, tablets and laptops are huge time-wasters, but do they really keep you from having a normal sex life? I mean, I know how hard it can be to not check your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or whatever before you go to sleep, but would you really choose staring at your iPhone screen over getting close to someone? I feel like the answer to that would be no. After all, studies recently confirmed that people enjoy sex more than they enjoy Facebook.

But a new study says that because we spend so much extra time on our various electronic devices, we’re going to bed up to 90 minutes later than we would if we didn’t have these distractions. Going to bed later means you’re more tired, which means you’re probably less likely to get down and dirty. So I guess over time it would make sense that your sex life would start dwindling.

Hold on, though, because I’m confused. Didn’t a study just come out that said that smartphone users have more sex than those people without smartphones? Oh, um, yeah it did, because I wrote about it. So which is it: are smartphone users having more or less sex than other people? Or can we just call this one a wash? These constant sex/technology studies are really messing with my brain, guys.

Here’s what I’m going to take from this recent research: we should probably stop using our phones, tablets or laptops right before we go to bed. I know this is true in my case. Just yesterday I went to bed two hours later than normal because I found myself stuck on Pinterest, scrolling through endless pins, all while wondering why I wasn’t sleeping yet. I mean, I literally wasted two hours of valuable sleep time. This is so not like me, because sleeping is my favorite.

So tonight, why don’t you try something different: keep your electronics away from your bed! Okay, I know you need to keep your phone near you. That’s okay. But don’t look at it! Just give yourself a little break before bed. Who knows? It will almost definitely help you get more sleep and maybe it will even make your sex life a little more interesting.

Do you go on your phone, laptop or tablet before bed? Do you think that affects your sex life? Are you going to try to take a bedtime technology break? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Loner

    Well if I had a man with me right now there would be no laptop or phone on believe me!

  • Katieee.

    Seriously, you want me to stop using my phone/laptop before I go to bed?! But you guys are the reason I’m always on them…

  • Katie

    Really?? First they say that people with smartphones have sex more often,(has anyone read that article on here?) and now they’re saying it ruins their sex life?

    • Allison

      That’s exactly what the writer pointed out in the article… she even linked to the other article that you’re talking about… did you read this at all?