Is This App The Next Instagram?

Guys. I just read something super exciting and I wanted to share it with you. Well, okay, let me clarify. This is only super exciting if you use and love Instagram as much as I do. And I do. So much. Anyway, onto the exciting news: there may already be an app out there that can easily replace Instagram! 

Why are we replacing this beloved photo app? Well, in case you guys haven’t heard, some funky stuff is going on with Instagram. Their new privacy policy pretty much states that they’re allowed to sell our photos to whoever they want whenever they want without letting us know or giving us any sort of compensation (although I did read one thing that said that isn’t exactly true, and now I’m confused?). Not cool. The only way you can opt out of this is by deleting your account before January 16, which seriously sucks because Instagram is awesome. Also, I think we’ve all gotten used to sharing our photos in hipster filters on our phones rather than on Facebook. Think about it.

Anyway, everyone is freaking out and making bold declarations that they’re going to delete their account. I saw a lot of tweets and statuses yesterday that went something like this: “bye Instagram.” I don’t buy it because a) Instagram released a statement sort of backtracking their new privacy policy after yesterday’s global panic attack and b) people are always complaining about change but never actually doing anything. The only thing that’s really going to get people deleting their accounts is a new app that’s even better than IG (and won’t sell our photos).

So I was really excited to read a post on Huffington Post saying the new Flickr app could be the new Instagram. Why? Um, guys, I LOVE Flickr. I started using it in college, when it was still cool, before iPhones took over the world and camera phones were basically the only types of cameras. Flickr was pretty much the online version of IG – you could upload your photos, tag them, like other people’s photos, comment on photos, edit them and make them look super cool. It kind of fell behind in the wake of more popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and IG itself, but now they just relaunched their app and supposedly, it’s awesome.

As the Huffington Post points out, the Flickr app allows you to upload higher-definition photos, has cooler filters, allows you to follow friends and has other bonuses: you can tweak your photos way more than you could on IG and you can upload multiple pictures at a time and put them into albums. BOOM. It might be better than my good old buddy Instagram.

So what should you do? Download Flickr! And spread the word. Honestly, this app sounds way cooler than Instagram, and I’m saying that as a diehard fan.

Do you use Instagram? Do you want to delete your account? Will you download the Flickr app? Tell us in the comments!


Get more details on Instagram’s policy here

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  • Tiffany Alana

    Guysss I’m totally going to download this. Add me TiffanyAlanaxo 🙂

  • Rose

    I have a flickr account, but theres is a limit on how many photos you can share for FREE keyword being FREE…im not paying for a place to put MY photos n the i have an android and we have the old version still no one I know uses it..

  • Lea

    I just downloaded it 🙂