Your Natural Hair Color Is Trying To Kill You

natural hair color

You could be a fiery redhead without even knowing it! | Source:ShutterStock

Guys – you might be a redhead without even knowing it. Yes, you with the blonde hair. And yes, you with the dark brown locks. I know you probably thought you knew your natural hair color, but even if you’ve never been able to picture yourself with bright red hair, there’s still a chance you’re a natural redhead.

The Daily Mail reports on a study that says that about four out of every 10 people have the gene for red hair – it’s just a recessive gene, which is why their hair isn’t actually, you know, red. That means that it could be that way all around the world, not just in Britain.

What does it mean if you’re a secret redhead? No, it doesn’t only mean that you might want to seriously consider dying your hair to it’s supposed natural color (who knows, you might look fabulous with some carrot-colored curls). It could mean that if you carry this weird secret redhead gene, you could also be more at risk for certain diseases and syndromes.

Confused? In case you didn’t know, people with natural red hair are more susceptible to skin cancer, Tourette’s syndrome and Parkinson’s disease. Redheads also have an increased sensitivity to pain. Oh, hey brunettes and blondes who are over there giggling and pointing fingers at the natural redheads – you guys have some things you’re more susceptible to also. According to the Daily Mail, brunettes are more at risk for nicotine addiction and also for developing non-Hodking’s lymphoma. Blondes are more likely to get age-related macular degeneration (which can cause blindess). Who knew our hair color could determine our health?

Honestly guys, I feel like I don’t even know what my natural hair color is anymore. I was born a sunshine-y blonde, but as I grew up my color morphed into this weird blonde-brown type of look. I’ve been dying it dark brown for so long now that I don’t even know what it would look like if I stopped. And now researchers are telling me I might be a natural redhead? Hey, if I can have Lindsay Lohan red (before she destroyed her hair with bleach), I won’t be so sad. I mean, I wore a red wig on Halloween and I feel like maybe I pulled it off. But still… ugh. Just more hair confusion to consider.

What’s your natural hair color? Would you ever want red hair? Do you think you might be a secret redhead? Tell us in the comments!


Shh… I’m a Secret Blonde!

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  • Exaelia

    All I know is my mom’s hair is red, and my hair is blue.

  • Raina

    My natural hair colour is dark brown with light brown highlights , i dyed my hair red once and it looked really good so basically i kept my hair red for one year , i think red look really good on people and it was a 10 on 10 for me. Now my hair is back to my natural hair colour but i added pink highlights.

  • NerdyGal

    I’m a natural redhead and I LOVE BEING GINGER! πŸ˜€

  • Bob

    I was born with light LIGHT hair but I have no idea what happened. Its black now.

  • caity

    i have natural, almost bleach blonde hair, i dyed my hair red last year. and i loved it!!!!!! i really miss it, but my sister dyed her hair red, from natural brown, so i dont want to look like her. but i do miss my red hair.

  • Charity

    What about black hair? I have naturally jet black hair, so what about us. πŸ™

  • Anna

    I’m naturally a redhead so….. but my hair isn’t red anymore cuz the sun:(

  • Nicole

    Dying my hair red was the best decision I ever made. I feel more myself in red hair than I ever did with my natural brunette hair. I’ve always had red highlights in my hair, and if you saw it in the light it looked red, but now that everyone can see the red, I feel great.

    My mom’s a natural redhead and has already had moles removed and some others looked at, so I understand the cancer thing, mainly because of gene placement. Long-story-short, I love my red hair and am happy it’s not a secret anymore.

    • Rose

      I find your comment funny, cause it same thing for me. Some of my friends laugh at me cause I choosed to be redhead when it’s not like… socially acceptable? I say ”Hey! Stop that, it’s the way I am, so shut up.” But they say to me that I can choose any color, so that my argument is invalid. I don’t know if they can figure how that I was born with the wrong hair color and that is the only solution to show who I feel I am inside…

      But, screw ’em, I’m a hot redhead πŸ˜‰