10 Quotes About Your Best Friend

Where we would we be without our best friends?! Your bestie is the girl who’s always there for you, the friend who always sticks up for you, laughs at your jokes, hugs you when you cry and hangs with you when you’re bored. She’s the person you turn to when you need advice on serious stuff, or just when you need someone to eat ice cream and watch movies with. Basically, your BFF is awesome.

And nothing explains that better than these sweet friend quotes – they put into words exactly how much your best friend means to you. Check ’em out and share them on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, whatever! Your bestie will totally feel the love.


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  • Laura

    Totally describes my bff! I love and you miss you so much hunny <3

  • cynthia@16

    its nice! but i dont have a best friend though,still searching

    • cj

      well goodluck for your search and i hope she/he will be nice to u

    • Laura

      Hope you find one soon. Best friends are truly an amazing blessing to have in your life!

  • brittle gee

    nice qoute 🙂