Does Shaving Down There Lead To Casual Sex?

In news that will shock the pants off of you, a new study has discovered that women shave down there mainly when they’re going to have sex. Um, thank you, completely pointless study. I really needed you to tell me that women try to tidy up their vaginas before they have sex. JK, I knew that already because it’s completely obvious.

To be more specific, sexuality researchers recently got together 2,453 women ages 18-68 and studied their shaving habits down there and their sex lives over a five week period. They discovered that the days women shaved down there were usually also the days women had sex, were more interested in sex and had sex for a longer amount of time.

In case you couldn’t tell from the above, I am not surprised by this study at all. While I’m sure there are women out there who shave their who-ha’s just for the heck of it, I know that a lot of girls only shave their pubes when they know that someone else is going to be down there. And there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s totally normal and fine to want to clean up a little bit when you know someone is going to be super close to your most intimate areas.

I was surprised about one thing, though – the study also found that 42.5 percent of women didn’t shave down there at all over the course of the five week study. Maybe it’s just me, but I had kind of assumed that everyone was shaving off their pubic hair. I’m actually kind of relieved to see that they aren’t. I sort of hate that society seems to expect women to be completely bare down there – not only because it gives us so much extra work to do, but also because we don’t seem to always expect the same thing from guys.

So does the fact that you shave down there mean you’re always going out and having wild nights of casual sex? Um, no. That’s a silly statement to make. What this means is that the main reason women are shaving down there is because they’re going to have sex. And, like I said, that’s pretty obvious. Shaving down there is annoying! I’m certainly not about to do it for no reason at all, and I’m sure a lot of other girls feel that way. But I want to know what YOU think, so…

What do you think – do you shave down there? Do you only shave down there if you’re going to hook up? Or do you do it for yourself? Tell us in the comments!



Would you stop shaving for a month?



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  • jim

    I’m in the minority. I am not very fond of a woman who shaves there. I actually like the hair. Maybe a bit of trim is all.

  • Exaelia

    I shave because if I don’t…. ITCHYITCHYITCHY!

  • Lucy

    I only shave down there cuz its alot cleaner and I swim competitivly so we kinda have to

  • TsundereSan

    Yeah, I shave there. Have since I was 12. Being on a swim team makes it almost necessary, and I just find that hair uncomfortable.

  • Daisy.Bee5

    What’s a good gel or hair removal product for shaving “down there” I feel really itchy when i shave it. Please help!! Thanks!!

  • karen

    I lasered it because it was included in a special offer and it felt cleaner and more confy in general and even more when i have my period, so i kept trimming it often. I do it more for the hygenic feeling than for sex.

  • Julia

    I shave every few days, it feels so much cleaner and better. Maybe this is just me, but wouldn’t getting a wax hurt A LOT? Like, more than legs or eyebrows?

  • December

    Have been shaving down there for many years. I am married and do it every day. I feel fresher and cleaner when I am completely shaved.. has nothing to do with having sex… although my husband does appreciate it a bit more!

  • chantel

    i shave the bikini line and keep the rest trimmed. i hate the feeling of the hair growing in on the bikini line… imagine everywhere else? not my thing. if a guy doesn’t like it then he can’t have it.

  • Janice

    I have never tried shaving my intimate parts. However, I trim it quite often. I don’t feel like it’s necessary to shave down there and I think I once read an article here at Gurl on how pubic hair can help you to prevent some infections.

  • Taylor

    I don’t shave my pubic hair because it doesn’t bother me or my boyfriend, but I do trim it every few days to keep it neat. I don’t know why having pubic hair is considered gross, as long as you clean yourself and it doesn’t look like an afro.

  • AidaJulianaaa

    i’m shaving but it will be itchy when the hair starts growing >< it makes me feel uncomfortable

    • klessy

      you should get this shaving gel just for shaving your private. you can get it at like wal-mart it’s good

      • jaden

        what is it called, brand name, sku#, upc#?????