See Through Clothes Are Totally ’90s, Totally Awful

see through clothes see through dress on kristen stewart

Love the smile, hate the dress. | Source: Ivan Nikolov/

You know that whole see through clothing trend that’s going on right now? Do not, I repeat, DO NOT get on board the see through crazy train. Leave it to Kristen Stewart and other misguided celebs, but please for the love of all things good in the world, do not think see through clothes are a good idea for you.

Let me tell you a little story. Back in 1993 (I know, a billion years ago), I had these shirts that I loved. They buttoned up the front, and had a large, loud pattern on the main body part. I think one was hot pink roses on a black background, and the other one was black and white polka dots. Obviously, in the ’90s, this was the height of fashion . . . but it gets better (or, um, worse). Both of them had see through chiffon sleeves, and then the cuffs on the shirt were the same fabric as the patterned part. These “see through shirts,” as I called them, were my favorite thing ever, so I wore them to almost every big event, party, family gathering, anywhere where my picture might be taken. And, unbeknownst to me, I looked kind of like the God of Fashion Crimes had thrown up on me.

In recent years, I realized just how hideous these see through shirts were, and so let’s just say there aren’t many pictures remaining of me from 1993.

I honestly like a lot of outfits that Kristen Stewart wears, but this whole see through thing she’s got going on? Well, I’m really hoping that she realizes that it’s a Don’t before too long. Oof!

What do you think about see through clothes? Would you wear a dress or shirt that had see through parts? Tell me in the comments!

How To Do ’90s Fashion The Right Way!

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  • Allison

    I actually like the whole see through trend. I mean, the shirt you’re describing does not sound attractive in the least bit, but I think there is a right way to do see through.