Jennifer Lawrence Is Hosting SNL In January… I Already Love 2013!


JL is hosting SNL, and I am freaking out. | Source: FayesVision/

I’ve become a pretty devoted Saturday Night Live watcher – in fact, it was my childhood dream to host SNL (though I never gave much thought to how I was going to get famous enough to do that). Anyway, I love when they release the names of upcoming hosts, and the news I read yesterday about which celeb will be hosting after the holiday hiatus left me absolutely giddy.

Jennifer Lawrence, guys! The actress who brought Katniss Everdeen to life on the big screen this year will indeed be hosting the sketch comedy show on January 19, with The Lumineers as the musical guest.

About 3.4 seconds after I first read this bit of hosting scoop on, I had to text my boyfriend the good news. Cue the exchange of excited “Yays!” via text! The thing is, both the BF and I are kind of obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence – she is just someone that it seems everyone has a crush on because of the whole all-around awesome personality thing she has got going on.

I was actually chatting with my friends not that long ago about how I was kind of shocked that she hadn’t been asked to host this past year. She was awesome in the Hunger Games (did I see it twice opening weekend? Yes.) and her movie Silver Linings Playbook is in the running for one my favorite films of 2012. There’s no question girl knows how to get her acting on.

Plus, JL (as I call her, obviously) just seems So. Freaking. Cool. Whether she’s talking about the awesomeness of having her face put on M&M’s or the strange-but-true account of her Honey Boo Boo-related car accident, I could listen to this girl all day.

Jennifer just seems totally willing to be goofy and go for laughs, so I’m real excited to see her take on the Saturday Night Live stage. Now excuse me while I go back to daydreaming about how I’m going run into her at a cupcake shop next month here in NYC and she will ask me to be her best friend.

Are you going to watch Jennifer Lawrence when she hosts SNL in January? Did you too ever have dreams of hosting Saturday Night Live? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Ciara

    OMG I can’t wait!!! Plus I live in New York so hopefully I get to go!! >0< SO EXCITED!!!!

  • LittleRedWolfGirl

    Oh my god this is so freaking awesome! I don’t watch SNL regularly but I will so turn in for this. You’re right, I’ve got such a freaking crush on her, she’s so funny and laid back about being herself.