Borrow My Funny Christmas Quote When You’re All Out Of Holiday Cheer

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Christmas is still a whole week away, but doesn’t it feel like it’s already been Christmas for months? I first saw red and green holiday candies in the drug store on November 1 (No kidding! Even before Thanksgiving!) and although I do love Christmas, sometimes the holly jolliness of it all can be a bit much.

Case in point? This weekend was SantaCon in New York City, where I live. If you don’t know what SantaCon is, consider yourself lucky, because it’s basically thousands of impossibly drunk college kids roaming around the streets in Santa outfits trying to hit on everyone and/or causing fights. Some people think it’s just a funny Christmas outing, but it’s sadly really more like a very festive douchebag convention.

Anyway, my best friend and I were out in the city for dinner on Saturday night, and not realizing how drunky these Santas were, thought it would be fun to have our picture taken with two of them. They were nice enough, but then kept asking us to meet them later/doing the Ho-Ho-Ho laugh/generally being dudes. Finally, I turned around, cut their “funny Christmas” schtick short with a bit of side-eye and just said, “Jingle, Jingle!”

I have no idea what inspired my new funny Christmas saying, but it’s really wonderful if you think about it. I mean, you can be totally snide and dismissive if you say it in the right tone, but nobody can ever say you said anything mean–because you didn’t!

If you want to borrow “jingle, jingle!” as your new funny Christmas go-to, go right on ahead. Think of it as an early gift from the real (and thankfully not wasted!) Santa.

What’s your favorite funny Christmas saying or song? Do they have SantaCon in your town? Are you annoyed by the holidays sometimes? Tell us in the comments!

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