How To Break Up With Him

how to break up with him

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Okay, so you know you want to break up but have no idea in hell how to do it, right? (Otherwise, I’m not quite sure why you’re reading this, but you know, whatever.) There’s lots of advice out there on how to break up with him, but the thing I’ve found is that they all get it wrong. It’s always just one technique and it never takes into account why you want to break up with this guy. Personally, I think how you break up with him has everything to do with the situation.

So, ladies, before you start breaking hearts, read my list of ways to break up with him depending on what’s going on with you two. The whole break up process will still suck (sorry about that), but at least you’ll have a road map to get you through.

If You’ve Been On A Couple Dates
If you’ve been on three dates or less, or have been dating for less than a month, I think it’s okay to just call him and tell him you don’t think this is working out for you, and it’s better to be friends. You weren’t necessarily boyfriend and and girlfriend yet anyway, so it’s okay not to have the big, serious, in-person break up talk.

If You’re Just Not Into It Anymore
Maybe you were head over heels about seven months ago, but now? Not so much. Just because your feelings have moved on doesn’t mean his have, which is why you need to handle this one really carefully. Definitely see him in person, alone, on his turf (having him over to your place and then making him leave after is way cruel!). Tell him you need to have a serious talk and explain that you care about him but don’t think the relationship is working for you anymore. Don’t indulge him in a “final kiss” or tell him if there’s someone else you’re interested in, because honestly, none of that matters. All that matters is that this isn’t working for you, and if he cares about you, he’ll eventually see that this break up is for the best–even if he’s super crushed at first.

If He Cheated On You
You might still be totally in love with him, but cheating is a major deal breaker for a lot of girls (including me, I’ve got to say!) and so you might want to call it quits when you find out he’s been sneaking around with someone else. If that’s the case, I still think you should do it in person if possible–and tell him exactly why it’s over. He didn’t hold up his end of the relationship, and if he’d really wanted you, well then, he wouldn’t have been with her. Done and done. No need to make apologies or be super nice with this one, but DO avoid blaming the other girl. It’s not her fault your dude is a snake!

If He’s Abusive
It’s best not to do this break up in person. Have a family member or friend with you when you call him, and tell him that you aren’t happy anymore in the relationship, and you need to break up. Some emotionally abusive guys might threaten to hurt themselves if you’re ending the relationship–and if your guy does this, have your friend call 911 to send help his way. You’re breaking up with him so he won’t have this kind of control over you anymore, remember?! And if he’s physically abusive and says he’s coming over to find you (or threatens you in some other way), also call 911. Love shouldn’t hurt like that, and that’s why you’re ditching him.

What do you think about these break up techniques? Have you ever had to break up with someone? How’d you do it? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Lana

    I just broke up with guy that was abusive towards me. He kept on calling me and telling me he still liked me. Then when I’d tell him I don’t feel the same way he would get mad and start yelling degrading things at me through the phone. I have now changed my phone number.