Awful News: 27 Dead In Connecticut School Shooting

A student discussing what he saw happen in the school.

A student discussing what he saw happen in the school.

On the morning of December 14, there was a horrific  school shooting in Newton, Connecticut that left 27 people dead – 18 (possibly now 20) of those killed were children. A gunman opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary, which serves kindergarten through 4th grade,  around 9:41 in the morning. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected in this absolutely devastating event.

Although we still don’t know everything about what happened at Sandy Hook, we do know a few details. Federal officials previously confirmed that the shooter was 24-year-old Ryan Lanza. Now officials say the shooter is Adam Lanza, Ryan’s 20-year-old brother, who supposedly had many mental issues. He was found dead inside the school, although we don’t know if he shot himself or was killed by police. The shooter was armed with four guns and was wearing all black and a bulletproof vest. The shooter’s parent was found dead in a home in New Jersey. His mother was a kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook and the shooter supposedly entered her kindergarten classroom, where he killed her and then opened fire on the students, after opening fire in the main office of the school.

There have been rumors that there was a second shooter involved, and while that has yet to be confirmed, a second person is currently in custody for some sort of involvement. This person is said to be Ryan Lanza’s younger brother. President Obama is expected to make a statement around 3:15 PM EST.

We don’t know why Ryan Lanza committed this horrible crime, and we probably never understand why this happened. It is devastating to hear about something like this happening to anyone anywhere, and it is even more devastating to know that innocent children had their lives taken away. Hearing the quotes from the children who had to witness this is incredibly sad and disturbing. We are deeply saddened by this awful news and can only send love to all of the families affected by this.

If you want to vent or share your thoughts about this, leave them in the comments below. 

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  • abnormal_blonde

    my grandmothers friend in conneticut had a grandson who went to that school, i dont know his name but he died in that shooting 🙁

  • gigi

    This is so horrible, who could ever do anything like this to innocent children?! my heart goes out to the families who have lost their children due to this horrific incident.

  • Mads

    This is so sad. 🙁 This was less than 45min. Away from my school in NY… it’s really scary when this happens, especially when it so easily coulve been you.

  • Mads

    This is so sad. 🙁 This was less than 45min. Away from my school in NY… it’s really scathe when this happens, especially when it so easily could have been you.

  • CYN_70

    Me and my mom were talking about this earlier and I remember just me and my mom bawling our eyes out. It’s sad to know that these kids won’t be around anymore. They had a good future ahead of them. After hearing that, I’m very concerned for my little brother. It makes you realize that life’s too short. RIP to all the kids who left this world.

  • Tilly

    something was really wrong with ryan lanza. i feel so bad for the children, those who survived and those who didn’t. they’re too young to know loss of your friends, to know fear like that. nobody should know fear and grief like that, no matter the age. i can only imagine those children’s last moments, and it sickens and scares me, and makes me want to cry. i hope that those who survived are healing, although i know it will be a long time, maybe never.

  • Love-eee

    Ugh. This is absolutely BEYOND horrible! Imagine the innocent six years olds who saw the bullet, and were completely unaware that was going to be the end of their precious lives. Or what about the teachers, that tried their hardest to protect their students, but had witnessed their students lives being put to a halt. I feel so terrible! I was literally crying throughout the whole day yesterday. Imagine… You rush to the school after being notified there was a shooting going on. You sit outside in your car and listen to the gunshots while knowing your child is in there, and then students come running out, trying to find their parents…and your child doesn’t come out. You rush to the fire house to look and see if he/she’s been rescued, and he/she isn’t there. Now you have to go back to the school and search the dead, bloody, six year old bodies on the ground of their classroom to identify which one is your child. THIS is HORRIBLE! More than that even. I feel extremely saddened and depressed for the loss of these poor families; the parents who won’t have a child on Christmas Day, and the children whose mothers won’t even return home from work today. Please pray for the families of the victims, and hope that they will find a way to move on from this terrible tragedy.

  • Cristal

    Yeah my teacher also Tould us
    As period tht was horrible why would an one do such thing that guy was crazy and he eeven killed children what did they ever do to him?

  • Emma

    This happens too often.

  • sammygirl5

    How can a person look a terrified little kid in the eye and shoot them? The world is messed up. And the bad people is whats messing it up.

  • Mal

    When the president talked about the shooting, he (as any dad would be) was obviously upset. Parents everywhere must be thinking “What if one of the innocent children that were killed my son/daughter. We are talking devastated parents and children scarred for life. I give my sincerest prayers to the families of the victims. May those 27 people rest in peace. :,(

  • Alison

    I think it’s important to remember that although Ryan committed a horrible crime, he could be a victim as well. It’s likely that he was suffering from some kind of mental illness that made him kill the people, when in hisnright mind, he would have never done such a thing.

  • stephanie

    I had no idea that anything had happened until my favorite teacher had the tv on the news and then i figured it out. It was shocking to think about. All the families that would be affected, all of the presents under the christmas trees that won’t be opened. My teacher was so upset because she kept thinking about how one of her sons was in kindergarden and she couldn’t even bear to think about what if that had happened here. I just don’t understand what would have driven him to do such a thing. But, now we probably won’t ever know. My heart goes out to all of the children and parents in Newtown.

  • Tayy

    This is crazy at 9:41 I was complaining about having trig, while kids who couldn’t even say trigonometry were dying through no fault of their own. So sad.

  • Sarah

    That is so sad, my teacher tolds us during last period today.

  • Tara

    This is just so sad and sick.. We just had that shootout in the mall the other day! Where do people get the idea that its okay to go into public places and completely ruin peoples lives? Now what is going to happen to those kids who SAW people get killed? What about the parents?? How are the parents going to be able to be sure that a school is safe anymore? Even if he did kill himself, why did he have to kill others? So he doesnt go alone?? Well guess what, he is going to HELL alone while those innocent children and teachers go to heaven.
    I wish there was a way to stop people from doing this…