Comments Of The Week – Relationship Edition!

Relationships can be kind of a crazy thing. They can bring a lot of smiles, but a lot of tears sometimes too (hey, we’ve all been there). This week we’ve picked out some of your comments about relationships and the whole bunch of things that may be going through your head about them – from the good to the bad, the questions to the worries. Yeah, there’s A LOT to talk about when it comes to relationships!

Whether you’re actually in an official relationship or you’re just crushing or you’re having drama with the ex, there’s a whole bunch of topics related to relationships. It’s great to see you all reaching out and sharing your relationship stories and advice with one another in the comments, and we hope you continue to help each other out in true sisterhood fashion.

From “Survey: Your Dream Boyfriend (Or Girlfriend!)”

From “Reader Hookup Confession: I Almost Spit A Loogie On My Boyfriend!”

From “From The Message Boards: Would You Ever Take Back A Cheater?”

From “Do Guys Get Stupid Around Girls? Science Says Yes!”

From “When Is It Normal To Get Jealous?”

From “So What’s So Special About A French Kiss?”

From “Ask A Guy: Will A Guy Who Really Loves You Wait To Sleep With You?”

From “Debate Club: Is It Ever Okay To Date Your Friend’s Ex?”

From “Is Your Guy Friend Into You? Probably.”

Do you ever find good relationship advice in the comments? Do you have any relationship advice to offer some of these commenters? Tell us in the comments!

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