How To Get The Best Haircut Ever

how to get your best haircut

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I’m getting a haircut today, and I have great faith that it’s gonna be my best haircut ever. Why so confident? Well, because I’m seeing a hairdresser who knows me, who seems to really like me, and we speak the same hair language. Every haircut I’ve gotten from her has been even better than the last one, so I think this one is going to really be awesome.

But how can YOU get your best haircut ever? Well, there are a few easy steps to getting a gorgeous ‘do when you go to the beauty parlour. Follow ’em for your loveliest locks ever!
1. Have an idea of what looks good on you
If you’ve always had the same hairstyle and are a little nervous about getting a haircut, look at pictures of celebrities who have similarly shaped faces to you. If you have a rounder face, check hair cuts on Selena Gomez or Kirsten Dunst. If you have a more oval face, check pictures of Blake Lively or Beyonce!

2. Bring in pictures
If you had a great haircut before, and want your stylist to do it again, bring in a picture from shortly after it was done so she can see what you liked about it. If you want to emulate a celebrity’s hair, bring in a picture from a magazine.

3. Be flexible
Tell your stylist what you have in mind (and show her those pictures!) but then ask her opinion and really listen to her. She’s a professional, and she’ll know what will work best with your hair texture. Remember, you’re paying her not just for her snipping skills, but for her expertise, too!

4. Show your stylist the love
Always remember to bring cash to tip your stylist (20 percent is usual) and the person who washed your hair (a couple bucks is fine). Your stylist will remember that you treated her well, and that means she’ll continue to spend a lot of time with you next time, and the time after that. It’s all about building a relationship!

What was your best haircut? Have you ever gotten a terrible haircut? Tell us everything in the comments!

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  • sunday

    Horriblw hair cut. I told her I wanted long side swept bangs. She decided to NOT listen and cut them above my eyebrow not only that, she also cut them in a V shape that was off centered! I would’ve yelled at her sooner, but she cut them while I was turned away from the mirror so I couldn’t see anything! I’m so fricken pissed. She should find a new job-SOON.