Do You Wear Too Much Makeup? Maybe!

if you wear makeup you may wear too much makeup

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I wear makeup pretty much every day. I don’t do eyeliner or fake eye lashes just to run to the grocery store, but I do wear a little foundation to even out my skin, plus mascara and lipstick. That’s just three types of makeup, which isn’t far off of the average woman who typically puts on four different kinds of makeup in the morning.

But, according to a recent study, apparently we’re all wearing a lot more makeup this time of year. During the holidays, women reportedly wear 12 different kinds of makeup on their face. Twelve! That’s a dozen products. I mean, even when I add in some eye shadow and blusher (which is what I wear when I want to be fancy), I’m still only up to five types of makeup.

I’m not dissing on girls who live to wear tons of makeup, but I just don’t get it, either. I mean, how big of a bag do you carry to keep all that stuff with you during the day? It’s not like one application of makeup stays on forever. You need to have all that stuff with you for touch ups. Plus? Who are you wearing this makeup for? If you’re wearing it for you, because you think you look cool with hot pink eye shadow or giant false eye lashes, then fine! Go for it, girl! But if you’re wearing all this makeup for guys, well, that’s kind of a silly thing to do. First off, even at the drug store, makeup is expensive! Even just one tube of lipstick (and we all know how long those last–not very long!) can cost about $10 at CVS. And from what I’ve heard from most guys I know, they think it’s kind of a turn off when girls wear too much makeup. It’s like they’ve got something to hide or something.

So, my advice to you, pretty girl, is to just think about how much makeup you really need. If you’re using so many products you have to use all your fingers and some toes to count them up, maybe you could ditch one or two. Well, unless it’s glitter makeup . . . but then I’m a sucker for anything shiny.

What do you think? Do you know girls who wear too much makeup? How much makeup do you put on in the morning? Tell us in the comments!

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  • kirby

    Or, or or or , do your makeup however the hell you want.

  • Alisha

    I only wear Masscra, Blush, Lip Blam/Gloss and on weekends or special school days I wear eye shadow. So 4 different types. I don’t wear it for anyone else, I mainly use blush to hide when I’m actually blushing. Since its embassing. There was this gurl at my school and she would wear a TON of make up. I don’t want to be mean but it did look as though she dipped her face in foundation. Yes some guys thought she looked hot but mostly they thought it was TOOO much. She would get a lot of hate and bitchness from the way she looked. So my advice gurls, yes wear makeup but only to highlight your best parts and not too much! 🙂 <3 xox

  • Clare

    Every day for school, let me count, I wear about 10 different types of make-up. I’ve got teenage skin y’know, so I just feel better when my skin appears flawless. No, I’m not trying to impress a boy or a group of girls it’s just because I love to wear it.

    In my opinion, wearing too much make-up is only bad when it’s too cakey or too much of a BAM effect.

  • Tayy

    My boyfriend hates when I wear makeup. I only wear it on special occasions like date, show, championship games( he’s a basketball player), etcc. He’ll say “wearing all that hides your natural beauty and that’s what I love not this goop(what he calls makeup). Most guys don’t like a lot makeup in my experience or even a little ! So less is more, let your inner beauty radiate. Save the big makeup numbers for a night out with the girls, they’ll appreciate it more.