Some Idiot Stood Me Up.

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Let’s open with this: I don’t like talking about my love life, much less writing about it. It seems to be the automatic kiss of death and only getting a guy’s name tattooed on me would be more of a guarantee of impending doom. But this past weekend warranted a story.

I was gearing up for date two with a dude who’d been chasing me pretty hard for two months, and I was finally starting to cave and admit that I maybe sort of liked him. He was cute, smart, funny, and down to grab dinner on Saturday night.

Except he wound up being none of those things. Saturday night came, and I texted him around 6 to see what time he wanted to meet up. He didn’t respond, but I didn’t think much of it at first–I tend to leave my phone on silent (or in my purse, or in my car, or, once, for reasons that can’t really be explained, in a flower bed), and sometimes things get lost in the ether. No biggie.

By 8, I still hadn’t heard a peep from him, so I hit him up one more time in the off-chance that the original message didn’t go through, because these things do happen. Still nothing.

Yup. I was being stood up.

This was weird. I didn’t realize that with SmartPhones, the Internet, text messaging, and every imaginable medium that people still did this. It’s really easy to come up with an excuse, twiddle your thumbs, and hit send. I figured that being stood up was sort of like unicorns, UFO sightings, or the WNBA. You hear about it every so often, but you’ll probably never really experience it firsthand.

For those of you who will get stood up–or have been stood up before–it’s not you. (Hell, it sure as Hell isn’t me. I’m awesome.) It’s them. That’s all there is to it. There is nothing wrong with you except the fact that you’re even mulling this over. This is someone who didn’t respect you nor your time enough to even let you know they weren’t showing up. Don’t text them. Don’t call them. Don’t dwell on them.

If they don’t respect your time, why in the name of Harry Styles should you waste it on him? This is a dude who’s indecisive (he wants you–wait, no he doesn’t!), cowardly (not even an “I’m sick” IM?), and, clearly, lame. That’s not someone you want to be with.

If anything, silently thank him for helping you dodge a bullet, delete his number, call one of your girlfriends, and go about your business. You won’t meet anyone cuter if you’re staying home staring at a unblinking cellphone waiting for Douchey McHoudini to show up.

Have you ever been stood up by a guy? Have you ever stood anyone up? How’d you deal? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Hannah

    This same thing happened to me this past month. This guy who happened to be a year older than me approached me, and we started flirting and texting a lot, after about a month or so we decided to hang out at his house, it was a but awkward considering that he has a twin brother and that his parents were there, but overall it went well. He texted me later saying that he would like the hang out again, and went as far as to make plans to go see a movie that next Saturday, we planned a time and place and everything. Basically I didn’t hear anything from him that day at all and later that night at 9 he texted me hey like nothing happened, to sum it up he just said oh yeah something came up. To say the least that was the end of that budding relationship…yeah it was a bummer but you don’t need someone like that in your life

  • Sarah

    I was stood up a few years ago. He finally texted me the next morning claiming that his parents wouldn’t let him go out, which was funny because he was 20-years-old and he was supposed to pick me up at 6 for dinner. Lame.

  • Tayy

    This is good I just found the comment about the WNBA “You hear about it every so often, but you’ll probably never really experience it firsthand.” It just didn’t sit well with me, as I have lots of basketball player friends females and males alike who would be offended and sit here and name all the famous teams, players, achievements etc of many WNBA teams (woo run-on!, potentially a coma splice too). Also the fact that you put them with things that may not be real like unicorns and UFO sightings, essentially means you’re putting them in a “not real/proven/rare” category. But I won’t because it was just a little tidbit. I get what you were trying to say just think carefully next time about how ! <3