Is There A Real Life Love Potion?

Is love potion real?

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Back when I was in junior high, I can remember wishing there was such a thing as a real life love potion (and wondering if maybe one did exist and I just didn’t know about it!). The truth is that there really isn’t any such thing as a love potion, and maybe that’s a good thing. I mean, think about it. Would you want to be tricked into drinking something that would make you “fall in love” with someone that you normally wouldn’t really like? So, yeah. The whole idea of a love potion really is kind of creepy in my book.

So, since there is no love potion, what can you do to make someone fall in love with you? Well, here are the three best love lessons I’ve learned over the years. When mixed in equal parts and applied daily, they’ll be even more effective than any love potion some sorcerer could whip up for you. Promise!

1. Have Fun
A lot of girls end up so preoccupied by the person they like (“Is he looking at me? He’s looking at me! He’s not looking at me!”) that they forget to have fun at school and at parties. The more genuine fun you’re having, the more everyone will want to be around you–maybe even including that hottie you like.

2. Know You’re Awesome
I’m not saying you should become stuck up or start thinking you’re better than other people, but you should know that you’re pretty rad and that you deserve to be happy. If crushing over some guy makes you more bummed out than happy, move on! He’s not worth the time, and you are worth so much more.

3. Put Yourself Out There
Don’t be afraid to take a risk and make the first move. Maybe your crush is too shy to make the first move or doesn’t think you’d like him! Of course you could get turned down, but you’ll never ever know if you don’t try.

What do you think of my mental love potion? Think it could work? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Raven

    Since when is there “no such thing” as a love potion? Why not educate people on the different types of potions instead of pretending it doesn’t exist? Wiccans for example believe you should never use a love potion/spell with a specific human being in mind, but rather a set of qualities. If you’re looking for your ex-boyfriend, you can do a spell to wish him to be happy, which if you are really Soulmates (and if your intent is True) will cause him to come back to you. This looks like a pretty “status-quo” type of site… you’d think you’d promote religious tolerance.